UFO Observed December 11th, 1996
The Village of Carmacks
Yukon Territory, Canada


Testimonies of UFO Witnesses CRM1, CRM2, CRM3, and CRM4*

The four witnesses were driving along the Klondike Highway northbound towards Carmacks. They were passing through Point A, Figure 27 about 3 km (2 miles) south of the village when CRM1 noticed a group of lights to the northwest but didn’t say anything to the others. When they reached Point B the other three men noticed the UFO as well and the four decided to pull over at Point B, close to the Carmacks dump, which is about 1.6 km (1 mile) south of the Village. The witnesses were interviewed separately.

Witness CRM1

As their vehicle came to a stop, CRM1 noticed that CRM2, the driver of their vehicle, put the truck in park but kept the ignition on. They stepped out of their vehicle and observed the UFO slowly come out from behind a mountain in the northwest. The UFO consisted of about 3 dark orange flashing lights in a horizontal row. The three lights were spread out a considerable distance apart and were flashing in synch (See CRM1 sketch of UFO, Figure 28). To the right of the 3 orange lights were a large number of smaller white lights arranged in a roughly elliptical pattern. These were not flashing. Around the entire arrangement of lights, CRM1 could almost see a shape but it was "so black out" that the precise shape was difficult to determine.

The UFO slowly traveled to the northeast (or their right) but then started to curve around to a southern heading (See CRM1’s estimated trajectory 1-2, Figure 27) and was soon over the top of the hill immediately east of them. "It was huge!" (The witness spread his arms out during the interview at 90 degrees indicating how big it was in the sky). "Who was in it?" CRM1 wondered! There was no noise coming from the UFO.

At this point, CRM1 noticed a strange affect presumably as a result of the UFO. He distinctly recalls that CRM2 had left the vehicle running but there was no noise coming from the souped up muffler system which normally is pretty loud even when idle (strange?). Yet, they could hear the conversation among them without any problem. CRM1 was sure the truck was still running!

The gigantic UFO continued to travel southward and started to move up a valley next to a microwave tower south of the village. The UFO "sort of faded in the valley", right out of existence! CRM1 estimates that the entire sighting lasted a couple of minutes and occurred at about 7:00 pm.

The next day CRM1 recalls listing to CHON FM radio and hearing about the sighting over Fox Lake that occurred also the previous evening but about an hour and a half later.

In 1998 CRM1 contacted Lorraine Bretlyn, another UFO investigator here in Whitehorse and a colleague of the author. Her interview with CRM1 is documented in her book "Lorraine Bretlyn’s UFO Stories from the Yukon" and has been reproduced here. Although some of the information is as stated above, Lorraine’s unique writing style has captured certain details of this sighting which I had not (Pg. 15-16, The Carmacks Story):

Me and three of my friends were out for a drive in my truck one night, when I noticed a light far off in the distance that my friends didn’t see.

We were a mile or two out of town on this side of Carmacks from Whitehorse, and the only ones on the highway. It was midwinter, about seven in the evening, and it was dark out.

When we came around the corner and out onto the road it came out in front of us, at treetop level over the small hills there. It was so close I could have driven over to it.

It had three circular lights in back spread right out, and they were flashing. And the front was all pure white lights, not flashing. And this thing was huge! And so low and level that I could only make it out lengthwise. But it was bigger than a plane. Closer to the length of a football field, and there was no noise.

It was a bit scary, but we jumped out of the truck to look at it. Then I noticed that couldn’t hear my mufflers anymore. I had the kind that run along the back of the cab and they were loud.

We watched for 30 or 40 seconds and then it coasted by us. And faded away instead of flying out of sight. And the first thing that came to mind was: "Who was in it?"

People in Carmacks seen it, and the next morning I heard on the radio that about an hour and a half later the object was seen at Fox Lake.

Witness CRM2

CRM2 was driving northbound near the landfill site south of Carmacks with three of his friends when he noticed what he initially thought was a formation of three airplanes flying. They pulled over (at Point B, Figure 27) to get a better look at the lights that were northwest of their position. The lights were moving way too slow to be airplanes and were heading northeast (to their right, see CRM2 estimated trajectory 3-4, Figure 27). When CRM2 was asked how big it was he said "it was huge!" and held out his arms at about 60 degrees to show how big it was in the sky. The UFO consisted of several large orange lights (similar in color to streetlights) arranged in a fairly narrow oval pattern. Between the orange lights there were many more, smaller white lights also distributed along the oval (see drawing by CRM2, Figure 29). It was too dark to tell what the shape of the UFO might have been; he could only see the lights.

CRM2 estimates that they watched the UFO for about 10 minutes after which "it just disappeared!" After the UFO was gone they drove to the local airstrip to see if any large aircraft had landed there (Point D, Figure 27). There was nothing to be seen.

Witness CRM3

CRM3 was hesitant to talk to the investigator about his sighting, however he was interviewed by a third party that yielded the following details:

The UFO was moving left to right and consisted of three lights. They observed one end come out from behind the hillside near the local landfill and kept waiting for the other end to come out. "They waited for a long time!" The fact that they had to wait such a long time gave a strong impression of its size. All four got out of the truck. Nobody could hear any noise coming from the UFO.

Witness CRM4

*CRM4 could not be located for an interview by the time of this writing. However, both CRM1 and CRM2 confirmed his identity.


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