A Canadian MIB Report

Monday, October 5, 1981

Here is an interesting case of Canadian Men in Black from the February 1997 issue of the Canadian UFO Research Network (CUFORA Canadian MIB Report )

A young man spotted a UFO over Victoria, British Columbia on Friday, October 2, 1981 and contacted a CUFORN consultant and set up a meeting for the following Monday.

Before the meeting, the young man went into a local mall. On stepping out of a phone booth, he saw two odd looking men waiting to talk with him. They were standing stiff as if standing at attention.

The men were dressed in dark clothes. Their shirts were buttoned to the collar but they wore no ties. They had dark tan skin and dark, dull, expressionless eyes. They had short, black hair, no eyebrows and were missing fingernails.

With a monotonous, robot-like voice, one of the MIBs asked him "What is your name?" The young man replied "I'm not going to tell you that!" The other MIB asked him "What is your number?." He thought it was an unusual question, as he did not say phone number. He did not answer the question.

The two MIBs continued to stare at him in silence for a while. Then they turned in unison, like robots and marched outside. It was raining heavily and the two MIBs walked past the parking lot and into a nearby, muddy field. As they approached a fence on the far side they disappeared into thin air. The young man went into the field and found they had not even left footprints. At this point, he ran to the nearest bus stop to take him home.


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