Vancouver Sun Article - 1994
Ken Kristian
There have been a few reports from loggers and others over the years of Sasquatch sightings concentrated in this general area (Pitt River Valley). Glen Bohn wrote a piece in The Vancouver Sun a few years back of a Sasquatch sighting by a local logger that worked out of the main camp at Alvin, BC. Also a documentary-type film titled Alden's Outdoors that went into detail on Sasquatch and some form of giant salamander-type creature sightings in this area. Interestingly, Dan Gerak also has two recent sighting reports (from either guests of his lodge or people he knows) of these black salamander-type reptiles seen crossing the road. Below is a copy of the Vancouver Sun article (in part) for informational purposes only:

Older forests 'as rare as sasquatches'

Sun Environmental Reporter

The Vancouver Sun, Tuesday, October 18, 1994
Lower Mainland Section

The mufflers blasted and the brakes whined as a worker just two years away from retirement inched his truck around the hairpin curves. Between gear shifts, George jabbed a finger towards the second-growth forest in the previously logged Pitt River Valley below. The valley floor on either side of the log-littered river looked like a lush green carpet.

George, 63, the local shop steward with the woodworkers' union and an employee of J.S. Jones Logging Ltd, said that most people don't realize how fast trees grow back after clearcutting. The trouble is, the average age of the trees in the valley is 60 years and they wouldn't normally be harvested for another three or four decades. So the logging company wants to go into other publicly owned forests in adjacent valleys. But never-logged watersheds near the Lower Mainland are becoming as elusive as the sasquatch, a legendary man-like animal that is supposed to live deep in the wilderness.

The past summer, during the last truck run of the day, George saw some kind of black-haired beast walking on two legs. Black bears don't normally walk like that, he noted. "I'm not saying it was a sasquatch, but this creature was over six feet tall," he said.

The Vancouver Sun