Pitt River Sasquatch Prints - 1995
Ken Kristian

In 1995, I had a report from a good friend Dan Gerak, owner of the Pitt River Lodge, about a fresh set of 17" Sasquatch tracks he found while hiking along a very remote creek in the upper Pitt River country.

Dan said that he and a couple of friends had hiked up a small creek a few miles in search of some good rainbow trout fishing. In a very remote and rugged area they came across four or five 17" Sasquatch tracks impressed into a dampened natural earth slide along the creek. Dan explained the tracks were farther apart then he could fully stretch his legs and so clear that he could see dermal imprints in the bottoms. Interestingly, Dan also said that while flying in helicopters over the years, he noticed that the valley he found those Sasquatch tracks in is the only one that links up cleanly with the Harrison Lake country and has no boxed canyons or obstructions. A possible Sasquatch migration route?

  Ken Kristian
West Coast Sasquatch Research