Chehalis River - Fall 1975
Ken Kristian

During the fall of 1975 a friend of mine, John Sheriff, decided to do some deer hunting up in the Chehalis River country. Although John didn't see any deer that day, he said he spotted something very strange. Some years later he asked me how far and well I thought a black bear could walk on its hind legs.

I told him that they look pretty clumsy up there on their hind feet and take short, jerky strides with their paws held in front of them somewhat curled in and pointing down.

While summing up my answer, John looked puzzled and said while he sat and watched a likely looking area for deer, he now believed what he saw was a dark-brown Sasquatch quietly and smoothly slinking from tree to tree, as if it was using them for cover.

  Ken Kristian
West Coast Sasquatch Research