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Last Updated-- 7/20/01

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UFO Event Data
Please fill in the information below about your UFO sighting:
Please read all  instructions in red

Event Date :   << Use MM/DD/YY format - don't forget the slashes!
             Don't know the exact date, enter your best guess 
Event Time :   << Use HH:MM 24 hour format, such as 19:00 for 7:00 pm 
Event Duration :
City :
Province / Territory :

Number of witnesses :
Shape of Craft :
Number of craft seen :

Full Description
- Enter as much detail as you can
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Witness Contact Information
Please supply information on how to contact you.  This will be kept strictly confidential, unless you check the "Permission box" .

Name :
Email Address :
Street Address :
City :
Province :
Postal Code :
Phone Number :

Check all that apply :
I would like to be contacted by an investigator
I have also reported this sighting via our telephone hotline
I would consent to a return collect call 
I give permission to release my name 
I am sending accompanying image or other data via the postal mail 
I am emailing image files

Submitting Graphics :

A photograph or video of the object is the most useful form of evidence in any sighting. even a simple outline drawing of its shape is very helpful. Also, a photocopy of an official map, indicating where the observers were located and what direction(s) they were looking is extremely helpful

If you can provide such materials, Please Contact Us

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