UPDATED - Oct 5th, 2015

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Reported 26-Jul-2015
18-Aug-2014, Prince George, BC:

I was looking outside at the sky one night smoking...when I looked up when I saw 2 orbs going at the same speed....and then the 2nd one sped up and and was at least 5 miles ahead of the 1st one.....I though maybe a plane, as Prince George does receive flyovers of cargo jets....but then it shot off..

Reported 26-Jul-2105
22-Jul-2015, Nanaimo, BC: (11:00 pm)

I was outside in my backyard and happened to look up at the stars like I normally do, and saw a very bright, fast light moving across the sky, it then made a very very fast semi circle movement, and then just hovered for a few minutes and then I saw another very bright, very fast light also cross the sky, and it was going so fast and darted off so I lost sight with that one. We heard a humming type of sound, almost like an airplane sound in the sky, while this bright light hovered! I was so scared that I ran inside, that's all I seen.

Reported 27-Jul-2015
26-Jul-2015, Penticton, BC: (about 10:30 pm)

Walking my dog about 10:30-45pm. On Edmonton Ave, Penticton by the park. I was looking west over towards the West Bench hills, I noticed two (2) very bright white lights in the sky travelling one behind the other. I watched them moving steadily through the night sky, for a couple of minutes;  fascinated,  as they were moving from South to Northwest through the sky at the same pace. The space between them never varied. They were quite high up; they really did seem like satellites moving in tandem, one behind the other, at the same speed. But Suddenly, they sped up and vanished in an instant. If I'd not been tracking them, I'd not have seen them disappear, it was so fast. I've not see satellites do that before, ever. It was very odd. There were no vapor trails, they were very, very bright but they moved so strangely and then so incredibly fast. I don't believe they were jets, or satellites. It was odd. We've had some odd sightings over the western skyline in Penticton lately. This is the first time I've seen two at the same time.

Reported 1-Aug-2015
31-Jul-2015, Chilliwack, BC: (10:30 - 11:00 pm)

Chilliwack seems to have a lot of unexplained action in its skies. Just yesterday my husband and I were sitting in our back porch when we saw what seemed to look like a ball of light traveling north towards the mountains. I always keep an open mind and try not to get to ahead of myself but when this ball of light brightened up significantly then completely dimmed out I had to wonder. After it disappeared for 2-5  minutes it came back to bright again. It held for a few seconds then disappeared again. I have no idea what it was!! Definitely fun to see!

Reported 1-Aug-2015
31-Jul-2105, North Coquitlam, BC: (11:10 pm)

At approx 23:10 this evening I was on my balcony in North Coquitlam (29th floor) brushing my teeth and having a look around the streets and sky. I face north/east and the full moon was obscured behind some other towers.

I looked straight up for some reason and saw a very bright white light, 6000kelvin, no flicker, or so moving from the west to the east up just slightly north of Coq Center Mall towards Pitt Lake at maybe no more than 5000 feet. It was hard to tell exactly with no reference.

No sound associated, no other light sources.

I grabbed my phones and opened FR 24 & SkyView, both showed no flights/satellites in my area except for a Bombardier GLEX that was heading West near Pitt Lake which might have seen it. No info other than F-CYXX1 (radar).

Now, I've seen tons of satellites and this was not one and this is not my first time witnessing such things in the night sky.

As it got towards Pitt Lake it started to pick up speed at quite the pace. I was watching it in binoculars the whole time until another building got in my way.

At the same time I was noticed other lights in my field of vision of the object, that were solid, and moving like a bird would fly, serpentine like at very high altitudes with the brightness of stars.

Too bad I couldn't just watch them all. The event lasted about 4 minutes.

Reported 4-Aug-2015
3-Aug-2015, Walhachin, BC: (11:40 pm)

I decided to check to see if the northern lights were out tonite. Went outside and immediately noticed what looked to be two planes traveling from the south west and flying north east into Kamloops (my guess). I thought it was strange that they were so close together but all the sudden the one in behind stopped and started flying in an extremely fast fluid like motion in unexplained patterns. I quickly called for my girlfriend to come out as she could tell it was something serious with the tone in my voice. Together we stood there watching this craft do its dance for over 5 minutes. Very bright yellow, blue and red flashing lights and close enough to see the pulsing of each individual light. My hair was standing on end to witness its high speed erratic/sporatic but smooth flights over a smaller portion of the sky. Near the end it seemed to come closer in our direction and then it simply disappeared. We live on an acreage so nighttime star gazing is truly amazing however what my girlfriend and I witnessed tonite was NOT capable by humans and will be tattooed on our memory banks for ever!

Reported 4-Aug-2015
4-Aug-2015, Delta, BC:

One night me and a friend had a sleepover. Just as we were about to head to bed my friend saw a very bright light in the sky. I thought it was an asteroid (it was that bright). My friend thought it was a plane but it was clearly too bright and was hovering silently in the sky. It was pretty clear it wasn't man made. Then we thought a plane was on fire but again it would burst into flames and probably fall out of the sky, but this light seemed stable and white. Then it seemed like it stopped glowing and sped off like a normal plane (still silent). Maybe the UFO shape shifted into a regular airliner to disguise itself? We immediately looked at on my iPad and there was nothing flying close to where we were located.

Reported 4-Aug-2015
1-Aug-2015, Lumby, BC: (11 pm)

We were staying in a cabin at Echo Lake Resort sitting on the deck looking at the sky when we watched a white orb move east across the sky then turn around. We spotted two more, one of which stopped and hovered for just over a minute. We have the first one on video. The next night was partly cloudy but we did witness a bright flash of light that lit up the entire sky for a second.  Very unsettling to say the least.

Reported 10-Aug-2015
15-Jul-2015, Creston, BC:

I was looking up at the stars  at my house about 10:30 at night, as I often do, and I noticed a particularly bright star in the south east. Then I noticed it was moving at about the speed that a satellite does, fairly quickly. There were no flashing lights like a plane and it was going too fast for a plane. At first I thought it must be a satellite but it was moving in a south- easterly direction and that was odd because I have never seen a satellite move across the sky in that direction here. They are always going east or north east. Then I realized that the object, which was very high  like a satellite, was radiating spikes of light... that is the only way I can describe it. Long spikes of light were sticking out from it in all directions, like the way a star appears to have it's light fragmented, only these were much longer in proportion to the object than on any star. Still I would have passed it off for a satellite but then, after I had followed it's path for about 45 seconds  south-eastward, it suddenly sped up and within  two or three seconds  disappeared, seemingly in to the distance.

Reported 13-Aug-2015
12-Aug-2015, Kelowna, BC: (8:40 pm)

So I was sitting in my boyfriends kitchen while he was eating dinner, and something caught my eye and made me quickly jerk my head to the left to look out the window and I saw a small orange disk shaped light in the distance and it shot directly horizontal across the sky  across the lake..... It was a little cloudy out but other than that it was clear out. I have no idea what else it could be!

Reported 13-Aug-2015
11-Aug-2015, Aldergrove, BC: (about 10 pm)

Medium size, very bright white light. It traveled east toward Abbotsford. I had just happened to look up at the sky... its was really strange actually, I had my eyes closed, relaxing, and suddenly I just thought to look up at the night sky, and I saw the bright light. As we live in a flight path, I almost dismissed it as a plane... but then I noticed a jet not too far to the left of the light... about a foot distance from my perspective. I could compare the two objects perfectly. I could see the silhouette of the plane, the individual lights flashing on it, and it was all much dimmer than the other object... but the other object was just a solid bright white light... very bright! Its seemed as close to the earth as the plane, and i could see no shapes or blinking... just a solid, round white light, and it moved about as fast as the plane too! It got dimmer as it got further away, and it almost seemed to twinkle a bit in the distance. I cant get over how eerie the whole experience was. My boyfriend saw it too, and agreed it was very strange. Neither of us has even a guess as to what it could have been. No way it was a satellite either, I've seen HUNDREDS of those, large, small, bright, and dim... as far as I know, this was WAY too close to be a satellite.

Reported 15-Aug-2015
14-Aug-2015, Cumberland, BC: (10 - 10:45 pm)

Green light flying in circles very high up in the sky, no noise, appeared to be a triangle at a certain point every time it circled.

Reported 16-Aug-2015
3 times in 10 years, Nakusp, BC:

Green light. Just a question, I have seen this 3 times in 10 years. I live on the lake in Nakusp BC, Upper Arrow Lakes. The last time I have seen this was about 4 years ago. Straight across from my house is an area called low Pass. I have seen a bright green light that is far above the land or the side of a mountain. I know the area well. I thought this event was very unusual. The light never moves just stays in one spot. It was after I had witnessed this event twice that my neighbor of which at that time only came to his cabin in the summer, this cabin was where his mother lived till the day she passed and was only used for his vacation. One evening he was having a campfire on his beach, I went down to say my hellos and a chat talking about the weather, the clear night sky and him and his wife moving into the cabin after their retirement. Then, out of the blue, he asked me if I have ever seen the green light? "Of course" I told him I had seen this twice. So my question is has this green light been reported from any other areas or anyone from this area and what could it be? I do have my own believes on things of this nature and have a very open mind.

Reported 17-Aug-2015
May/June 2005/2006, Victoria, BC: (4 or 5 pm)

The event was very brief. I was on my paper route delivering the Goldstream Gazette so it was either a Wednesday or Friday around 4pm or 5pm because I delivered my papers after school. I was on my way to the next section of Belmont park were I was delivering when a craft caught my eye. I have always been interested in watching aircraft fly buys so I usually watch them go bye. When I saw this object it shocked me. It was flat black like SR-71; black disk, saucer-shaped, no windows. It was moving slowly and wobbling like it was unbalanced ,flying fairly low, probably no higher then 400 feet. I kept staring the whole thing maybe lasted 1 min as it disappeared behind some trees toward the navel property near esquimalt lagoon.

I have longitude location of where I saw it: 4826'14.61" N 12327'40.83" W

Reported 18-Aug-2015
17-Aug-2015, White Rock, BC: (about 9:30 pm)

I was in my back yard, I saw a flash of white light in my peripheral vision that was so bright it caused me to turn my head to see what it was. When I turned my head I saw about 6 perfectly circular bright green lights in a row that were set a perfect distance from each other.  Imagine traffic lights together side by side horizontally and every 2nd maybe 3rd one one were all lined up perfectly but all lit up green. It was there for a second and then was gone. I expected it to flash back but it did not return. After discussing it with my fiance, and discounting that it could be fireworks because the lights were too steady and no streaming etc, I can only conclude I saw a UFO. I have always been somewhat of a skeptic, I am open to any other possibilities as to what this could be, but feel I must post this in the event someone else saw the same thing.

Reported 18-Aug-2015
18-Aug-2015, Vancouver, BC: (8:30 pm)

I was walking in Vancouver city around 8:30pm when a man stopped me and pointed to something in the sky. We watched this round object suspended in the sky quite closer to the ground than a normal plane would be. It had circular lights around it, two in red and the rest green that were flashing. I then walked away still slightly watching it but it didn't move. Another couple also stopped and watched in amazement. It then decended directly downwards quite fast. I took a photo but you can't see it that well.

Reported 19-Aug-2015
19-Aug-2015, Maple Ridge, BC: (12:30 pm)

I was at a gas station on the corner of Lougheed and 226th when I looked up to see a small plane crossing the sky. Following it was a small ball that moved erratically. At first I thought it was just a bird flying around the plane and behind it, then it seemed like it was possibly a balloon being dragged and fluttering. Then it broke off from the plane and seemed to zip around haphazardly (again looked like a balloon). It was not super bright, more of a dull brightness, then it stopped dead and became a bit more bright (now noticeable). Then far to the left and a few degrees up was another ball that was bright and not moving. It simply just appeared out of nowhere. They held their positions for at least 5 seconds then the second ball disappeared and the first one slowly fluttered around across the sky until simply fading out.

Reported 27-Aug-2015
26-Aug-2015, Vancouver, BC: (9:45 pm)

I noticed about 8-10 red orbs of varying sizes in the sky over Vancouver, BC from my high-rise balcony (located downtown), by the time I grabbed my camera and wide lens to start filming there were only 3 orbs left which I recorded (shakily! but they were visible) for 2.5 minutes. Each of these looked like a shimmering or twinkling red ball of light.

They lingered, staying quite still, for a few minutes before the largest of the few orbs slowly moved straight up towards the two smaller, higher orbs. The smaller red orbs then faded and were no longer visible, and the largest sat still in the sky for less than a minute before vanishing as well.

A few minutes later there was a single red orb further west that was rising and falling slowly, before dropping and decreasing in size and no longer being visible.

Reported 1-Sep-2015
31-Aug-2015, Abbosford, BC: (10:53 pm)

I was driving home on Clayburn Road (East Abbotsford) towards Clayburn Village on Monday August 31st and I saw lights in the sky on my right. My first thought was that it was a plane and it was flying really low. It was a triangle shape with lights at each point. The lights were weird because they were all on and yet they rotated to each point. I pulled over to watch it glide overhead. It seemed to be going really slow. No noise. I would compare the size of it to a small orange. I don't recall the color of the lights  because I was too excited and a little awed too. It was lightly raining and yet it stood out. I wonder if anyone else has reported this.

Reported 4-Sep-2015
4-Sep-2015, Coquitlam, BC: (8:48 pm)

Hi, we just got home and looked up in the sky and saw an orange ball. We thought at first we saw a plane but have never seen one with orange lights. Then it just hovered. Then 3 more came up and they formed a V and one at a time they disappeared into the same spot. Then 3 more came to the same spot and did the same thing. We have video of it. It was definitely not planes.

Reported 9-Sep-2015
6-Sep-2015, Agassiz, BC: (8 - 8:30 pm)

2 crafts flying just below the clouds, very bright red and orange light on front of crafts, no other lights. Travelling roughly 300 km/hr at about 30 deg north declination. They were travelling parallel to each other, about 1km behind the other. As the first one passed overhead near the Agassiz prison we waited for the sound of the engines but none came. The second craft came through a cloud and it's lights were then off and was a very dark stealth black color underneath, again not a sound. Roughly 20 of us saw them as we sat around a campfire, one person is a retired Air Canada pilot.

Reported 10-Sep-2015
18-Aug-2015, Victoria, BC: (8:45 pm)

At 20:45 a large object with white lights caught my attention, it flew across the sky from west to east at a slow rate, the object stopped suddenly and then shot straight up until it disappeared. It was silent, not a drone, plane or helicopter.

Reported 14-Sep-2015
12-Sep-2015, Campbell River, BC: (9:05 - 9:15 am)

The morning sky was clear from one side to the other. Not a cloud anywhere except for one funny little cloud over Cape Mudge on Quadra island. I was driving past Discovery Mall when I first noticed it. Small for a cloud but big for anything else in the sky. As I drove to Redden Net I watched and saw that the shape didn't change. I quickly went in to the shop and borrowed binoculars. By this time it had quickly moved further away and closer to the horizon. I passed the binoculars to Bub and he was not able to identify it either. When first spotted I would say it was white but as it disappeared into the distance it became golden yellow which I assume was caused by the relative angle of the sun. The overall shape was like the outline of a tulip. If you were to place the typical flying saucer shape, with a bubble on top, at the bottom, then on both the right and left comming out and up the tail of a comet. There was not the typical space that you would see between a jet and it's vapor trail. Makes me think of an angel with wings raised descending. I could not see any defining form in the vapor but the shape was maintained until it disappeared. Do you have any idea what it was?

Reported 20-Sep-2015
20-Sep-2015, Salmon Arm, BC: (3:45 - 4:00 pm)

I am in disbelieve in what I just saw and I didn't know what else to do but come to a Ufo forum. I was at the 9km view spot in fly hills salmon arm overlooking the entire valley, I was there for about 20 minutes, as me and my friend Bailey (also an eye witness) got up to walk back to the truck he spotted a massive white flying object flying at unnatural speeds it was very very far away but it was clearly visible. The object moved across the salmon arm valley and I spotted it a few seconds after him. It headed toward bastion mountain and sped past the tower from what looked like a few feet above the cliff and right next to the tower. There was no way what I saw was any type of man made aircraft or military drone it straight up looked interdimensional and slowed its speed to an almost stop a little farther passed the mountain, me and my friend could not fathom whatsoever what we witnessed besides a UFO.

Reported 1-Oct-2015
1-Oct-2015, Victoria, BC: (9:30 pm)

Picking apples from the tree for a co-worker the next morning, looked up and saw a boomerang shaped object gliding across the skyline - covering up stars, larger than the circumferance of the apple tree, covering multiple stars together, low (a couple hundred feet above the tree line), no noise, no engine, no lights. grey and dark grey metallic triangular shape with curved edges and looked like material almost like ropes on it. actually thought I was watching a hang glider but then it increased in speed and went from a downward to upward motion and disappeared from view.  on the super blood moon 2 days earlier, 10 year old and partner saw a similarly shaped object fly towards the east, gliding, stealth like, increase in speed and disappear, this one with lights.

Reported 3-Oct-2015
2-Oct-2015, Vancouver, BC: (8 pm)

I'm very skeptical about sightings like like this. I assume most can be explained and others allow their imaginations to start racing, and while reading through your recent reports, nothing changed that opinion. This was until I read the report posted from Vancouver from the 27th of August, and you know what they say about people who assume.

I ventured outside for a cigarette around 8pm on October 2nd. The rear of the house faces East, to the North East I noticed a red light creeping vertically, it's slow movement and red glow meant one thing to my logic, a firework, it is Halloween month after all. As I watched the "firework" rise and approach its peak, I waited patiently for the bang and barking of dogs, no bang came. Instead, the light became bigger and brighter (about the size of your nail in the sky if you close one eye). At this point I thought "Wow, I wonder who is firing a flare around here". I would have been satisfied with the firework, entertained by the flare, however what happened next has led me to this page and this former skeptics report.

The flaring orb paused instead of arching into its expected descent, and after hanging motionless for a few moments, it began moving horizontally across the sky in a Northern direction. Not quickly, not in a strange or blinking way. Just slow and solid. At that point I knew it was strange, however the boy who cried UFO doesn't appeal to me, so I passed it off as "whatever".

The following morning I decided to do some searching, because I had told my friends "surely there will be something up (online) about it". Reading through the reportings, I cannot deny I was a little disappointed because nobody around BC had described the same things, not even close. Until I read a report from someone who also lives in Vancouver.  It, word for word, described the red orb and horizontal action that I had seen.

Reported 4-Oct-2015
4-Oct-2015, Burnaby, BC: (6:00 - 6:15 am)

I was walking my dog and noticed an unusually bright star like image. The object was three times the size of a normal star and was a constant white light. I asked my neighbor what she thought and she was also puzzled by it's appearance. I went inside and retrieved my camera but it was gone when I returned. The light was not directly overhead but about 20 degrees north west of high noon.

Reported 5-Oct-2015
20-Sep-2105, Peachland, BC: (about 1:00 am)

I was looking up as I exited my house and a row of curved (boomerang-shaped) LED looking lights which I first thought was a bird because they were dropping and lifting in a gliding sort of way.  But they were on something much bigger than a bird and moving very fast.  I shouted to my daughter to look as I ran across the yard chasing them.  But by the time I got around the tree they were over top of the town of Peachland and then they shot off and disappeared as a unit.  I had seen a V-pattern of golden glowing orbs which I also mistook for geese in the summer of 1979 (Westbank BC) because of the strange beeping noise they made but they also shot off and disappeared rapidly.

Reported 5-Oct-2105
2-Oct-2015, Mission, BC: (about 5:00 am)

On the morning of October 2 around 5am my girlfriend and i saw what looked like a big bright light in the night sky. As we watched we saw it change shape and size and change colors and stayed in the same place for a long time. We watched and taped it for quite a while and towards the end we saw another pair of red lights appear beside the origional one and before our eyes we saw the first one begin to blink then an even bigger brighter light seemed to open up as if they were communicating or something.  We have a series of videos ranging from 13 secs to almost 20 mins. You would have to see the video as my description doesn't do this phenomenon justice.  Let us know if this footage  is of some intereste to you. Thanks, Clay.