UPDATED - Nov 9th, 2015

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Reported 1-Oct-2015
1-Oct-2015, Victoria, BC: (9:30 pm)

Picking apples from the tree for a co-worker the next morning, looked up and saw a boomerang shaped object gliding across the skyline - covering up stars, larger than the circumferance of the apple tree, covering multiple stars together, low (a couple hundred feet above the tree line), no noise, no engine, no lights. grey and dark grey metallic triangular shape with curved edges and looked like material almost like ropes on it. actually thought I was watching a hang glider but then it increased in speed and went from a downward to upward motion and disappeared from view.  on the super blood moon 2 days earlier, 10 year old and partner saw a similarly shaped object fly towards the east, gliding, stealth like, increase in speed and disappear, this one with lights.

Reported 3-Oct-2015
2-Oct-2015, Vancouver, BC: (8 pm)

I'm very skeptical about sightings like like this. I assume most can be explained and others allow their imaginations to start racing, and while reading through your recent reports, nothing changed that opinion. This was until I read the report posted from Vancouver from the 27th of August, and you know what they say about people who assume.

I ventured outside for a cigarette around 8pm on October 2nd. The rear of the house faces East, to the North East I noticed a red light creeping vertically, it's slow movement and red glow meant one thing to my logic, a firework, it is Halloween month after all. As I watched the "firework" rise and approach its peak, I waited patiently for the bang and barking of dogs, no bang came. Instead, the light became bigger and brighter (about the size of your nail in the sky if you close one eye). At this point I thought "Wow, I wonder who is firing a flare around here". I would have been satisfied with the firework, entertained by the flare, however what happened next has led me to this page and this former skeptics report.

The flaring orb paused instead of arching into its expected descent, and after hanging motionless for a few moments, it began moving horizontally across the sky in a Northern direction. Not quickly, not in a strange or blinking way. Just slow and solid. At that point I knew it was strange, however the boy who cried UFO doesn't appeal to me, so I passed it off as "whatever".

The following morning I decided to do some searching, because I had told my friends "surely there will be something up (online) about it". Reading through the reportings, I cannot deny I was a little disappointed because nobody around BC had described the same things, not even close. Until I read a report from someone who also lives in Vancouver.  It, word for word, described the red orb and horizontal action that I had seen.

Reported 4-Oct-2015
4-Oct-2015, Burnaby, BC: (6:00 - 6:15 am)

I was walking my dog and noticed an unusually bright star like image. The object was three times the size of a normal star and was a constant white light. I asked my neighbor what she thought and she was also puzzled by it's appearance. I went inside and retrieved my camera but it was gone when I returned. The light was not directly overhead but about 20 degrees north west of high noon.

Reported 5-Oct-2015
20-Sep-2105, Peachland, BC: (about 1:00 am)

I was looking up as I exited my house and a row of curved (boomerang-shaped) LED looking lights which I first thought was a bird because they were dropping and lifting in a gliding sort of way.  But they were on something much bigger than a bird and moving very fast.  I shouted to my daughter to look as I ran across the yard chasing them.  But by the time I got around the tree they were over top of the town of Peachland and then they shot off and disappeared as a unit.  I had seen a V-pattern of golden glowing orbs which I also mistook for geese in the summer of 1979 (Westbank BC) because of the strange beeping noise they made but they also shot off and disappeared rapidly.

Reported 5-Oct-2105
2-Oct-2015, Mission, BC: (about 5:00 am)

On the morning of October 2 around 5am my girlfriend and i saw what looked like a big bright light in the night sky. As we watched we saw it change shape and size and change colors and stayed in the same place for a long time. We watched and taped it for quite a while and towards the end we saw another pair of red lights appear beside the origional one and before our eyes we saw the first one begin to blink then an even bigger brighter light seemed to open up as if they were communicating or something.  We have a series of videos ranging from 13 secs to almost 20 mins. You would have to see the video as my description doesn't do this phenomenon justice.  Let us know if this footage  is of some intereste to you. Thanks, Clay.

Reported 5-Oct-2015
3-Oct-2015, Vernon, BC: (10:30 am)

My cousin sent me this picture of the valley in Vernon were they we're hunting his wife took the picture of valley and didn't notice anything When they got home she look at the pictures she took and notices there as 3 lights on the side of a hill top no way to get there by truck or ATV I my self have been to the very same spot so here are pictures that was sent to me my cousin has no photo shop skills. Please let me know how to send u the pictures thanks.


Panorama 2

UFO*BC Responds:

Thank-you for the email.

What is the story behind this photo? Although a picture may be worth a thousand words, in this field a picture just doesn’t quite hit the mark. Is there any way to obtain a copy of the original unedited version?


Witness Responds:

Hi Richard, thank for getting back to me, the picture was sent to me by my cousin's wife though message, the panorama photo is the original that was taken by her iPhone that was sent to me. They are in Vernon at the moment , I could have her email you her picture from her phone if that would that be ok.  The event that took place was on Oct 3 at 10:30. They were deer hunting when they stopped to scope the lower valley to see if any deer were in the area, his wife got out to look at the view so she took a picture of the view while my cousin was using his binoculars. They didn't see anything so they moved on, then when got home she looked at her photos and noticed this picture with these weird lights. She called me to tell me about the photos because she knows I'm into this topic of UFO's and asked me what I thought of it. I told her it looks like a UFO that could be powered up and invisible to the human eye but could possibly be caught by a camera. So I wanted to send it to you and see what u think if it.

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the background. Sadly what she caught has a much more mundane explanation – it is a lens artifact from the panoramic “stitching” on the iPhone. I have the same thing on mine from time to time, but wanted to make sure that it wasn’t see with the naked eyes first. So sorry to disappoint, but I doubt it is anything alien based, but just a glitchy Apple product.

Thanks again!

Reported 14-Oct-2015
31-May-2014, Coquitlam, BC: (about 10:30 pm)

Here’s my story. I apologize for the length, but I figured the more detail the better chance of figuring out what this sighting might be.

I was driving home to Port Coquitlam from North Burnaby, the Capitol hill area on Saturday evening May 31, 2014; it was about 10:15 when I left Burnaby. I was leaving a friend’s house, like I’d done a gazillion times before. This time as I went to my car, parked on the street, I noticed what an exceptionally clear evening it was, absolutely crystal clear. I don’t remember  a night as clear, and it made an impression on me. Later, when I mentioned the strange clarity of the evening to my friend, she mentioned that her husband had noticed the same thing and had commented on the clearness of the evening, as well.

I drove East on Hastings Street over Burnaby mountain (SFU) and down to Broadway, left on Broadway, which turns into Como Lake Road. I took this route because I thought I’d have a nice view of the city as I drove down Burnaby mountain. I drove a few blocks along Como Lake and noticed how light the traffic was. In fact, there was no traffic. I thought that was odd. No traffic on Saturday night 10:30ish on Como Lake Road?

For a few blocks I had the green wave of traffic lights, and then I hit a red light. I was all alone on Como Lake Road, no other traffic, waiting at a red light. While I was sitting at the traffic light I happened to notice a pulsating red light out of the corner of my eye, to my right, which is toward the south. It was sitting on the tree line, at the top.

I work in the area, and I thought it a little odd because I didn’t remember any radio towers in that area (there is one, but it has a blinking white light on it). I paid the pulsing red light no more attention than that.

The traffic light changed and off I went. A moment or two later I noticed that the pulsating red light was moving along the tree line in the same direction I was travelling. I thought it was a helicopter. I assumed it was looking for something because it was so low. At some point I noticed that the pulsating single red light had become three pulsating red lights and that’s when the object really caught my attention.

At some point the object came out from the tree line (from Mundy Park, approximately) and hovered at the end of Como Lake Road and Mariner Way. It seemed to be directly over the fire station on Mariner Way. It had 5ish pulsating red lights in a horizontal position and below the red lights, in a vertical position, were about 6 green lights. Together the red lights and green lights made a half cross formation. Red horizontal and green beneath in a vertical position. At this point I had driven about halfway down Como Lake Road and didn’t understand what I was looking at, and I got a little nervous. I even wondered if I should pull over, but I didn’t. By then there was one other car right beside me, pacing me. I really wanted to look over at the other car and see if they were seeing what I was seeing, but I knew if I took my eyes off that object I might not see it again.

At this point I still can’t make out the shape of the object that is supporting the red and green lights, but it is moving up, slowly floating up above the fire station. I rolled my window down to hear it, thinking I might be able to tell what it was by its sound. I heard no sound. As I drove, somehow the form of the object became discernible. I couldn’t see it very well because the body of the object was flat black or dark grey in colour, like a gun metal black. I really don’t know how I was able to see that and the object was gigantic. When I saw the size of the object, I freaked out. I started searching in my purse for my phone. (never stopped driving)

Then without warning the gigantic object zipped sideways, like a slider switch on a stereo system.  It zipped North toward Coquitlam Center Mall. When I looked over to where it had zipped, I saw a second object in the sky, exactly like the first one that had just zipped over there - Yes, another gigantic object hovering in the area near or over the mall airspace, with lights. The first object zipped back to its original position over the fire hall, zip, zip. Once it was back hovering over the fire hall, the second object, the one over the mall, made exactly the same maneuver, zip, zip (travelling south and then back to its position over the airspace over or near Coquitlam center mall.

I had convinced myself that I was seeing some kind of movie special effects. I actually wondered if a movie was being shot in the area. If that is the case then I’d really like to know. I thought I would see this in the news and newspaper, it was so spectacular, but I haven’t heard any reports.

By now I had reached the end of Como Lake Road and turned right onto Mariner Way headed for Chilko Drive. I decided I would try to follow the object that now appeared to be following the power lines; it stayed low in amongst the treetops. By now I had found my phone and realized that the flying object’s trajectory would make it visible from my house which looks out across Colony Farm. I phoned my husband and said, “Stop whatever you’re doing and look out the bedroom right now. Tell me what you see.” He said, “Red and Green lights?” I screamed, “Yes!” He hung up.

When I got home all I said to my husband was, “I’m not going to say anything. All I want you to do is tell me what your impression of that object was.”  He said, “It was massive.”  I asked him how long he watched it and what it had done. He said that he ran onto the balcony to watch it, described its trajectory then he told me he’d run back in to grab his phone to take a picture and when he came back about 30 seconds later it was gone.

Reported 16-Oct-2015
15-Oct-2015, Agassiz, BC: (about 5 pm)

Going to Chilliwack to get groceries... was on Mackenzie Road in Agassiz around 5 pm and it was a very sunny day. Out in the farmer's field I spotted a round ball flare going down so I pulled to the side of the road and watched it...came towards me then suddenly a truck pulled beside me and the driver also started watching this flare...then this flare lit up again and flew horizontally south bound. No noise...

Reported 22-Oct-2015
1984/1985, Vancouver, BC: (around 11:00 am)

Our whole class of second graders (8-year-olds) was gathered inside one of the portable classrooms that was detached from the main school building. Suddenly, in the middle of the lesson, someone looked out the window and said "Woah".

We could all begin to make out something hovering in the sky above the soccer field outside the window and we rushed to the window to see; all of us all at once, including the teacher. It was a military-looking aeroplane and it's wingspan stretched above the roof of our elementary school. Other than that, it seemed to be looming at a very close range. One of the students commented, "Looks like it could lay a coupla bombs on us". It was a good observation on her part as this was indeed how it appeared. This was a very strange encounter and I'm curious to know if anyone else from that class is still around to remember that incident. It could have just been a military plane doing military exercises but it seemed very odd that the plane was hovering so low over the school field. I have no other explanation for it. I would be interested in hearing from anyone on here who also witnessed it. Just post your story as I've done and I will read it with great interest. Thank you!

Reported 25-Oct-2015
25-Oct-2015, Burnaby, BC: (6:30 am)

I've kept my eyes on the sky for years in fascination to ever come across UFO's. I've seen many shapes and colours and lights in the sky in parts of Canada and the U.S.

I ended up on YouTube watching "KGB agent record of Aliens" shortly after I finished watching one part I decided to try and sleep. Ended up falling asleep but woke up out of nowhere and decided to go have a smoke on the balcony. I usually look up to the sky's from my balcony and see everything I normally do, the stars, the hundreds of planes that are headed and leaving YVR. But there was something that I've never seen in that position before. I'm familiar with drones and have seen drones all over my area and towards Edmonds...  But this was different. As one person reported about walking her dog and seeing a very big and bright white still light is what I saw but not one, but two. The one on the right was twice the size of the one on the left. I watched them closely and kept records and measurements of if its nearest stars. The earth orbits as everyone knows and I see the stars drift off but these two very bright objects are in the same exact spot as they have been for the half hour I've been watching them. They're not on top. Seen planes fly under them. Above them. No movement or hesitation from the objects. I have videos recorded as well. This is my first time ever posting anything about this or UFO sightings in general. I tend to keep them to myself or to my close friends.

UFO*BC Responds:

From your description, and the time of day, I am quite sure I know what you saw. Before sunrise, Jupiter and Venus can be seen close together in the SouthEast. They would be the two brightest objects in the sky.


Reported 26-Oct-2015
24-Oct-2015, Vancouver, BC: (8:56 pm)

Just got out of the car and noticed strange lights in the western skyline (towards UBC  area). I live in East Van. Those lights were moving in a cluster and then started to move towards the south... I lived in the area for over 20 years and I know this is a known flight path for commercial airlines but these lights are different and I can tell.

After a min or 2... the lights were gone...

Reported 26-Oct-2015
26-Oct-2015, Langley, BC: (6:30 pm)

I was driving home from Langley on 64th Avenue past 160th Street, growing down the stretch of farm land. The clouds behind me were getting dark. There was still a somewhat sunset to the west. The time is 6:30pm as I look in my review mirror and I spot this rectangle shaped object that was a golden color. It looked like this humongous bus moving across the skies heading north. I couldn't take my eyes off it. I had to turn right around and look through my back window to make sure I was really seeing this.

It moved quite rapidly and the it started to vanish from the front to the back.  I saw it vanish in front of my eyes.

I had to tell you asap.

UFO*BC Responds:

Although impossible to say for sure, it is likely that what you say was an airplane catching the last rays of the setting sun as it was approaching either YVR or Abbotsford Airport - hence the golden colour.



Reported 7-Nov-2015
7-Nov-2015, Bowen Island, BC: (9:00 pm)

This was unbelievable. I live on Bowen Island on the west coast. I was sitting on the couch this evening when, from the corner of my left eye, I saw a bright orange light. I went to the back of the house where the bedroom is located and I saw what looked to me like a plane on fire. It was a bright orange ball of what looked like fire travelling fast across the sky. Then ... it just stopped. A few seconds later it carried on toward the ferry terminal over Snug Cove. Then another one appeared from the same direction, then another and another. Over 15 minutes about 12 of the objects flew over my house or just off to the north. It was unreal, when I realized the first one was not a plane on fire my paranoia kicked in and I immediately thought it was a missile. I felt progressively worse after about 7 of these things because to me one is a sighting but 12 is an invasion. They definitely wanted to be seen, low in the sky and all travelling from the same direction and flying toward West Vancouver like 12 balls of fire. I would be shocked if thousands of people did not witness this. I would be lying if I didn't say that it scared me.

Reported 8-Nov-2015
8-Nov-2015, Vancouver, BC: (about 6:00 pm)

I was outside my house on the night of November 8th at around 6:00pm when I looked SouthWest (my position being fairly close to the Oakridge Shopping Center). What struck me first was the sheer intensity of the light that I saw. It appeared as if the light was much closer to me than it was, then within about a 4 second period, the light shrunk smaller and smaller to about the size of a standard star's light, then continued to get smaller and smaller until it just disappeared. It didn't seem to mimic lights from airplanes as it wasn't moving left or right and I've never seen a light shine as bright as it did on any airplane I've ever seen at night.  There were barely any stars in the sky due to some cloud coverage, which only compounded the fact that the light was as bright as it was.

I was trying to deduce afterwards what might have caused it. Might there have been clouds incrementally blocking the light until it was covered completely? Perhaps, however the light didn't seem to flicker, just fade. I'd have thought that cloud passing the light field would give more of an erratic effect on the light.

The majority of the planes I see at night take a few familiar routes, but this light didn't seem to belong to any I had seen before. This could have been another of nature's trickery fooling the senses, but I was fairly struck by this, not being a virgin star gazer.

It was just strange the way the light was fixated in one position, then to go from very bright to nothing I found most intriguing. I've never left a comment for anything I've seen before, although I've seen a few bizarre things down through the years. I thought i'd message in regardless, in case someone in the Vancouver area also noticed something.

Thank you, and I hope this might be useful to you!

Reported 9-Nov-2015
8-Nov-2015, Canoe, BC:

I was standing out on my deck last night looking North East from Salmon Arm and I saw a cluster of 5 lights; blue, green, red, purple and yellow. I instantly assumed it was a plane, but after watching it for about 15 seconds they all raised and formed a perfect circle. They stayed like that for about 45 seconds, then the yellow one moved quite quickly away from the group. The red and purple one paired up as well as the blue and green and followed the yellow one away. I watched them move away for about 15 minutes moving in unison but also spreading out at different distances. They would move extremely fast for short bursts until eventually I couldn't see them anymore.

Reported 9-Nov-2015
5-Nov-2015, Tsawwassen, BC: (about 4:30 pm)

Driving from the ferry at Tsawwassen on the highway I caught sight of what I thought was a firework in the distance, before my view was blocked by traffic.

A few minutes later I was able to see the objects again but they now looked like a sort of flock of birds but not moving in any direction but instead rearranging themselves.

It was around dusk and you would not have been able to see these in the sky if it were not for the light of an industrial area ahead lighting up the sky above it.

The objects reflected the light below which made them stand out from the sky. These kind of reflective properties are not what you would see from a bird.

I was unable to stop and once I passed them was unable to catch sight again in my mirrors.