UPDATED - Sep 2nd, 2014

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Reported 4-Jun-2014
3-Jun-2014, Kelowna, BC: (9:00 pm)

I was sitting out on my front veranda watching the wind, rain, and lightning storm when over the mountains to the west slightly to the north, I noticed a very bright object with a sparkling trail starting from like a funnel shape, but going vertically, and reflecting in the sun that was visible under the storm clouds. It sat stationary for a couple of minutes, then started gradually heading to the northwest. It would have been over but very close to the top of the mountains just past Okanagan lake to the west. I went and got binoculars and watched it, and then thought to get my video camera.  As it gradually moved away, I have over 2 minutes of video, but every time I tried to zoom in, it went out of focus, but to the naked eye was very sharp and visible in the sky.  It was clearly a roundish shape, and glowed as bright as the sun. I had two other people from the house come out and tell me that I was not seeing things, both of them non-believers, but now they were unsure about that. I will try to view the video on my smart tv to see if enlarged, it is any clearer.  The object was probably around 20-25 km's away when first viewed, so may have been quite a large object.

Reported 11-Jun-2014
8-May-2014, Victoria, BC: (10:30 pm)

In the month of May 2014 I was standing outside of my apartment in Victoria, BC waiting for a cab at approximately 10:30 PM. During my wait on this clear night I was looking up at the various star clusters. My eyes were drawn to one particular group of stars which were bright enough to see quite well even though they were surrounding the area of the sky where the moon was. After staring at this cluster for about a full minute, one of these ‘Stars’ started to move. This object went from being stationary to moving vertically at a consistent rate of speed and a consistent trajectory for about 3 seconds. After which the object started to weave in a narrow slalom (or snake like) pattern. This went on for about another 3 seconds. During this time the object was dimming and re-illuminating with each swerve but at the same time each re-illumination was getting weaker and weaker until the object disappeared all together.

I have been an aviation enthusiast all my life and my brother was an airline pilot for 40 years so I have a better than the ‘average Joe’ understanding of flight characteristics. What I witnessed does not fit the parameters of any aircraft I am familiar with therefore I deem this sighting to be phenomenal in nature.

Reported 12-Jun-2014
11-Jun-2014, Garden Bay, BC: (11:35 pm)

I recently reported a sighting in the sky above Garden Bay B.C. on April 11 of this year. Last night June 11 my wife and I were outside in the backyard enjoying the fireplace when we saw a light in the sky just like the one we saw exactly two months ago to the day. This time it was travelling from due West to East. The object was about one tenth of the size of the moon and again there was absolutely no noise. As before there was a full moon, but this time there were some clouds in the sky. The object was at the same level as the clouds, as sometimes it would be behind the clouds and then it was in front of them. For comparison, earlier in the night a helicopter few over, the unmistakable sound and the nav. lights made it obvious as to what it was. About 20 min. after the object went out of sight we saw a satellite go by and the appearance was totally different from the object that we saw earlier. Garden Bay is across the Straight of Georgia and just south of CFB Comox and just north Nanoose Bay and the Whiskey Golf Maritime testing range, perhaps that could explain the strange objects in the sky at night, I don't know? As before if anyone has an explanation as to what this could be I would be thank full. In the mean time I will be watching the skies more than ever.

Reported 26-Jun-2014
25-Jun-2014, Squamish, BC: (11 pm)

Can't believe I'm posting this but I know what I saw and I'm wondering if there was anyone else in the Squamish area that saw the same in the northern sky? 

At around 11pm, June 25/14 N/E Squamish I looked out my kitchen window to see this object in the sky. I knew immediately it was not a star/comet or a plane… the lights were red/green/white and hovering in one location. It would stay at one spot then would jut up and down, then would quickly flutter from side to side. I have a stabilizing set of binoculars - so it wasn't me shaking or moving around! I watched it with my binoculars for 20 min till it moved north over the mountain top. I really wanted to try and find some explanation of what this object was? Did anyone out there see the same???

Reported 30-Jun-2014
29-Jun-2014, Vancouver, BC:

Yesterday,  (June 29th 2014) I was sitting in my car looking into the sky and I noticed 6 small white dots moving in the sky, they were in a kite shape moving very slowly and then after about 5 minutes slowly moved in a V shape.  They were moving extremely slow and were slightly smaller than stars.  I saw this around 4:00 and the sky was completely clear where I was. I know they weren't stars because they were too small and they were moving.  I lost sight of them after I watched them for a few minutes and then they were gone.  I would like an explanation of what I saw if possible, as it is the weirdest thing I have ever seen.

Reported 10-July-2014
Summer 2007, Armstrong, BC:

I was walking down my street late at night. It was summer, maybe August 2007, and the sky was exceptionally clear. I was admiring the stars when I noticed what I thought was an unusually bright satellite. It was a steady, clear white light about half a centimeter in diameter, and it was making its way across the sky from just behind my left shoulder to my right. I thought it was a satellite because it had an appropriately slow pace, it seemed very high up and didn't have any of the flashing lights that accompany an airplane.  I watched it as it made its way towards the centre of the sky above my head, and right at its apex it stopped dead. I stopped on the side walk and watched it. It stood perfectly still right above me for about ten seconds, then it became slightly larger and brighter, as if it were coming closer to me. Then it slowly moved in a straight line backwards and forwards over my head, sometimes speeding up, sometimes slowing down, never moving more then about a hands breadth at arms length away from its previously stationary position in either direction. It moved backwards and forwards as if observing me for about 45 seconds, and just when I was really becoming uneasy it shot at a slight angle up into the sky and disappeared. I told my boyfriend about it a couple days later and he told me that he and his father had seen the exact same thing at the same time that night.

Reported 12-July-2014
7/8/9-July-2014, Kootenay Lake, BC: (10:30 - 11:30 pm)

Multiple events over three nights East shore Kootenay Lake directly across from Kokanee Glacier.  All three nights were warm and dry with either no clouds or a couple small ones. There was no haze, the air is dry so clarity is good.  There was an approximate half moon and it was bright.

First night all three of us were on the lake shore star gazing and looking for satellites to watch.  We started to see satellites pretty frequently almost right away.  Soon my daughter mentioned that she was seeing bright flashes in the sky to the south.  Turning our attention to the south we all started to see them.  This was not lightening, planes, or any satellite (tumbling or geosynchronous) flight path pattern was evident. The lights seemed too random, but uniformly bright white and would flash for the same duration.  In each case they would go on and off like a flashbulb.  In all we saw approximately twelve before calling it a night. 

The last two were a little more significant.  I had seen three in the same place over about five minutes and the fourth I saw in the same place.  At the same time my wife and daughter saw another one directly west of us high in the sky.  I used the binoculars to look at the same point in the sky to the south I had been seeing them and asked my wife and daughter to do the same in case I had to adjust the view.  I had been looking in the spot for about a minute when one of what I thought was a star (since it was stationary and about as bright as a medium bright star) suddenly zipped of at immense speed away and out of view...faster than any satellite I have observed.

We saw one more flash the next night and then three more in quick succession the night after that.  These sightings were more in the west and directly west of us high in the sky. 

I have seen flashes in the night sky on numerous occasions over the years since I like to watch the sky.  I have even seen two before in rapid succession in the same area of sky before, but nothing like this.  In those other instances I was in the Fraser Valley and even though it was clear the light pollution and air pollution affects clarity of viewing.

All this makes me wonder why there are not more reports on this matter.  Has anyone tried a time lapse video to check for anomalies?  Has any Astronomer checked into these?

Reported 29-July-2014
19-Jul-2014, Mount Tzouhalem (near Duncan), BC: (00:15 - 00:25)

Lying on our backs watching the stars I noticed what I initially thought was a satellite. A bright light flared from it fora second, expanding to about 5mm  in diameter. I was slightly stunned by this but managed to make out the object move off in a NE direction at what seemed to be a slow speed but it got smaller and dissapeared making me realise it must have gone away from Earth at a great speed. It happened so fast my girlfriend missed it. I'm not sure what man has managed to build and test up there but it was like something from star wars. I see other similar sightings have been posted from this area. Anyone know what that might have been?

Reported 19-July-2014
31-May-2014, Abbotsford, BC: (5:00 am)

This sighting was around May 31, 2014 around 5:00am. I live around McCallum Road not far from the 7/11 store.

I had slept through most of the day so that night I was having trouble sleeping. Around 5am I went out back onto my patio to have a cigarette. In the sky I saw a bright blue light approach from the west. It was gliding through the sky at a medium-fast speed and would zigzag some of the time. It being 5am it was completely silent out and considering it wasn't very high up one would expect a sound if it was a plane, but no there was not. My phone was upstairs in my bedroom so I knew that if I were to get it I would miss it. I followed it down my driveway and as far as I could until it was too far.

It was creepy how silent it was, not to mention the zigzagging maneuvers. This could not have been a plane in my opinion.

Reported 22-July-2014
15-Jul-2015, Botany Valley, BC:

We were camping in Botany Valley which is between Lytton and Lilooet.  We were at Pesultko Lake which is very remote at 4000 feet and nestled between a number of mountains. It was morning with no clouds and very clear. Two adults were sitting at a picnic table in a clearing, one adult was standing by some trees and one adult by the camper under an awning.

At about 8:00-8:30 the silence was interrupted by the roar of what sounded like a jet engine coming from the east travelling at very high speed. We all looked up to see what sounded like a fighter jet at low altitude (400-700 feet), but what three adults saw was a very small jet black object at low altitude with pointy triangular wings. The trajectory looked like it was going to crash into the mountain or across the lake. The part which was so baffling was that the object and sound disappeared immediately above us. The most inexplicable part of the experience is that the sound was so loud and disappeared completely directly above us all and did not complete the expected trajectory. The adults involved a nurse, a doctor, a pilot and psychologist. The pilot works just outside of an airport so is familiar with the sounds and trajectories and flight patterns of aircraft.  He has no ability to explain the incident.

Reported 2-Aug-2014
Summer 2014, Abbotsford, BC:

Every clear night in the summer, there is a light in the sky above Abbotsford, BC that shows up after midnight near downtown. It looks like a very large bright star through the naked eye, but if you look at it hard, you can tell there are flickers of green and red, as well as the white light. Through binoculars, you can see a cluster of coloured lights, and an orb that seems to be zig-zagging slightly, but stays in the same location. It is not always in the same spot, but it is always in the same area. It is at a level that is lower than the airplanes fly. It looks like some of the coloured lights detach and fall away from the orb, and others seem to be re-attaching to the orb.

You can see it if you are driving east along South Fraser Way, once you cross Gladwin or Ware, and also from McCallum Road, facing north. Otherwise, you can locate the tree line that runs east and west, slightly north of South Fraser Way, between Ware Street and Five Corners. Look in the general area over the tree line (which is in the direction of the Transfer Station and the Skydiving Landing). It usually stays there until daylight.

Binoculars or a telescope would be best.

UFO*BC Responds:

It most likely IS a star. This is a common phenomena - scintillation - disturbances in the atmosphere cause the colors. I have seen this many times and the effect is even more dramatic when looking through binoculars.

Gord Heath

Reported 7-Aug-2014
6-Aug-2014, White Rock, BC: (10:45 pm)

My boyfriend who lives in surrey about 20km away from me called me telling me to look outside cause there was a meteor shower. I went outside to look for meteors, when all of a sudden he said "What is THAT!? Look straight up!" I looked up and saw what looked like a star, moving in spirals, shooting very faint miniature balls of light out of it. Then I saw another one. My boyfriend then got his binoculars and said the balls of light were actually points on a triangle, and since we could both see this thing directly above us from that far away from each other, this thing must have been huge, and quite far up. It was there for a good half hour at least before it took off.

Reported 8-Aug-2014
8-Aug-2014, Maple Ridge, BC: (10:40 pm)

I saw a fiery red object with a white centre. It moved slowly from north to west in the sky. I saw a passenger jet at the same time that looked lower than the light. It then came to a full stop and then seemed to move away straight out and fade out. This all took about 1 minute at about 10:40 pm. This not the first time I have seen something like this. I had not been drinking and I don't do drugs. I was just out locking up my car for the night. I was hoping that some one else saw the some thing. I would like to stay anonymous. You can send me an email if this event is real. I am a 52 year old family man.

Reported 12-Aug-2014
11-Aug-2014, Campbell River, BC: (11:05 pm)

I had a really weird experience last night that I would like to share.

Last night around 21:05 I was getting ready for bed and I decided to look out my bedroom window. It was almost dusk but still very bright out. A close to full moon rising which was out of sight to me but adding to the brightness.

I was looking west. I saw what I first thought was a plane low in the sky. There is a small airport in that direction so it wasn't out of place. The object was below the low cloud cover but above the tree in my neighbor's yard. I could see a red and a green light, so ok, yes, plane. But the object was not moving at all. Then the outer lights turned so I was looking at both a brilliant red and green light both on the same side. There was no tilt or dip like you would expect from a plane turning. It was a stationary turn. I was looking at what looked like a short soup can with large bright red, green (and white?) lights.

As I was trying to comprehend, the object moved straight down, fast and smooth. Picture a spider dropping down on it's web. I have never seen anything airborne move with that precision before. The object was now about halfway down the neighbor's tree in altitude. It then moved horizontally both north and south. I would lose sight of it behind the tree at some points.

It was so low in the sky. I could clearly see the features. At this point I was moving from scared into terrified. I backed away and started to close all the windows and blinds in my house. This was too close for comfort. I always imagined if I had a sighting, it would be from afar. I texted my husband to come home. I peeked out the window and saw the object was still there. My husband came home quickly, he was just across the street. I made him look out the window. He saw nothing.

I could hardly sleep last night. I have a lot of questions. First, other people had to of seen that. It was so low and very bright. All my other questions are just my imagination running wild with fear. Is there anything that could be an explanation that I'm not thinking of?

Reported 17-Aug-2014
16-Aug-2014, Shawnigan Lake, BC: (around 10 pm)

We were sitting on our back deck looking west over Shawnigan Lake. The sky was quite dark, late stage of dusk and there was no moon. Coming from behind the hill on the other side of the lake were two red orbs - they came up and over the hill horizontally aligned then one shifted to be directly beneath the other so that they were perfectly vertically aligned as they moved closer. There was no sound and they stayed stationary in this position for a couple of minutes. There were four bright lights pulsating at the top and the bottom of each and we could tell they were perfect circles. They were both red and glowing. In terms of size, obviously really big since they made the hill across the lake look small. They slowly vanished. Then about 3 minutes later another appeared, a single one this time, to the south on our side of the lake and much closer. It came up over the trees and hovered in place for a couple of minutes before vanishing. They weren't Chinese lanterns as they were much too large and because the maneuvered in a very precise way that the wind couldn't do (plus it was a windless night). They were also able to remain perfectly stationary.

Reported 29-Aug-2014
28-Aug-2014, White Rock, BC: (9:20 pm)

Out from the west about 10 degrees to the left and about 10 degrees above the horizon I saw a very bright light in the sky with two smaller objects, one a few degrees to the north and the other a few degrees down towards the horizon. The three objects merged and then within a few seconds disappeared. I was not high on booze or drugs and this was the most strange thing I saw. I do not believe in Ufo's  but this was truly strange.

Reported 1-Sep-2014
1-Sep-2014, Delta, BC: (12:25 - 12:28 pm)

I was on my deck relaxing when I noticed in the northwest sky at about a 45 degree angle from the horizon a small stationary white object. I could tell it was stationary as the clouds were slowly moving in one direction in that area of sky but it remained stationary relative to nearby tree tops and branches. The object had blue sky behind it. It was too small for me to discern what it was. I called to my partner and she started watching it too. Total viewing time at this point was approximately one minute.

I went into the house to fetch my camera and tripod. When I came out after about one minute my partner said that she had watched it slowly move to the right (northeast) into an area of cloud making it impossible to see. We kept watching out for it for about another minute. Suddenly a white object appeared from the edge of the white cloud background travelling very fast along a horizontal trajectory. At this point it was about 3 times larger or 3 times closer if it was the same object. It crossed a 30 degree horizontal arc of the sky in about 5 seconds disappearing behind the trees! The direction of travel was to the southwest. At the time I uttered to my partner “what the hell is that?” and managed to snap two photographs. Unfortunately, the camera’s autofocus focused on the tree tips making the object slightly blurry.