UPDATED - August 7th, 2016

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Reported 1-Jun-2016
31-May-2016, Vancouver, BC: (around midnight)

I have a video I would love to send to you guys as well, it's about a minute long. There were about 7 or 8 orb like lights, orange/red in color hovering over the ocean over sunset beach. They were moving in strange patterns, going up and down and back and forth. They were incredibly bright and would rise up, very high and then fade out. Some would sink low and fade out. The whole event went on for about 20 minutes with various orb like objects appearing, moving around the sky in strange patterns and then fading out. Can't explain it and would love someone to take a look at the video and let me know what they think. It was truly breathtaking.

Reported 2-Jun-2016
Mid-Feb-2016, Nanaimo, BC:

Hello. I was on your recently added sighting page and I came across the sighting in Victoria (7-Apr-2016, Victoria. BC: (9:18 pm)).  I have seen this ALOT lately in Nanaimo! I noticed them in mid February after I came home from work it got dark and I saw an orange light on the horizon towards the harbour it was slowly hovering north then another one appeared slowly beside it then another then they disappeared in the same fashion. I see these lights often I can distinguish the difference between planes coming in and these weird orange-yellow orb lights. One night really has me weirded out: I was staring at these lights (and this was the first night I saw them.) and I was trying to get photos on my iphone but couldn't capture the orbs in the dark from the distance I was at. But I noticed the orbs were circling the city slowly and looked like they were hovering over the town. No noise. Just hovering. It started around 9:30 and I they went out of my view about 30 mins later. I first thought they may be drones but drones are unsteady in wind and you can hear them. These were noiseless and seemed to almost float across the sky all three of them. I haven't seen them do that since February. But I periodically see them over the horizon doing their strange dance.

Reported 2-Jun-2016
2-Jun-2016, Vancouver, BC: (8:30 pm)

Was on porch notice black small single engine size airplane type aircraft but not a airplane had no sound fly from over yvr headed straight line towards surrey called my brother to make sure I wasn't seeing things.

It had no sound and flew at one speed steadily across the sky was oddest thing see so many aircrafts of different types but this was different. definitely not first time seeing odd things in the sky flying around

Reported 12-Jun-2016
11-Jun-2016, Surrey, BC: (11 pm)

I was not witness to this personally, but my wife was. Around 11 pm as she was about to retire for the evening on Saturday night, June 11, 2016, my wife observed a large spherical shaped craft with lights around the periphery of the craft, visible through the evening’s thin cloud cover as it hovered over Green Timbers forest in Surrey. She said it appeared to be massive. It moved a little, but unlike any conventional aircraft, then slowly ascended further, and further away until it was no longer visible at all. By the time she alerted me to what had happened it had disappeared altogether. We live on 101A Avenue facing west toward 149th Street and toward Green Timbers Forest. Curious to know if you had any other reports on this occurrence? FYI, my wife does not drink, and does not do any drugs, so I believed her when she told me what she saw.

UFO*BC Replies:

Good evening,

Thank-you for the report. I know the area quite well, and it is certainly an interesting sighting. Does your wife think it could have been some type of “quad copter” – however unlikely given the time of the day, there have been reports of one flying around with LEDs on it, something like this:

Would it be possible to have your wife draw us what she saw – and perhaps (time permitting) we could come and talk to you both in person?


Witness Replies:

Thanks for the reply. I showed her the video of the quad copter and she said it was nothing like that at all. She said there were no red or green coloured lights, only a slight yellow-ish green hue to them. The ring was about the size of two city buses end to end across the middle so maybe something like 80 feet across and really couldn’t see the top of the craft due to the clouds. She said she wouldn’t even attempt to draw it, because she can’t draw.

Reported 19-Jun-2016
18-Jun-2016, North Vancouver, BC: (9:30 pm to 10:00 pm)

I live in North Vancouver and from my balcony I have a view of the north shore mountains particularly around Grouse Mountain. It was cloudy and I was scanning the horizon to see if the weather was going to break. I could see the mountains under the cloud cover. Suddenly I saw two red orbs rise above the apartment building across from me. They appeared to be following a path going up the side of the mountain. They initially were in line one following the other. When they reached the top next to Grouse they changed their position and were flying side by side and started into the clouds. eventually they disappeared. As I was standing there I noticed another wave of these red lights. There were four of them this time and took the same route as the first two. They were in single file and as they approached the top of the mountain they spilt up and headed into the mountain. I had called my son to come and see what was happening. We stood there watching and tried to figure what they were. As they disappeared into the clouds another wave started up the mountain. They were following the same route as those before. The light were all uniform and were flashing intermittently. I was baffled. This was the first time I had ever witnessed this. It has made me a believer. Really don't know how to explain. Unfortunately I was unable to get photos. But my son is my witness as I am his. Wow!

UFO*BC Replies:

Hello Ron,

Do you think you are seeing Sky or Chinese Lanterns? They come is various shapes, sizes and colours and are often released in groups. Sadly they have become the de facto explanation for many lights in the sky, as they often fly "in formation" and slowly move up, often appearing motionless and then "disappear" (simply burn out). So as for a mundane explanation, on the balance of probability,  I do think this may fit the bill.

Ultimately as we did not see it, then ours is just an "educated" guess - the ultimate take-away from this encounter we will leave up to you. Here is a link:


Reported 20-Jun-2016
1977/1978, North Vancouver, BC:

I was a little girl, about 4-5 years old. Sitting in the passenger seat of the car. Driving home from Lions Gate Hospital. We just visited my grandma. Mom promised to stop at the corner store on West third  looking forward to a candy stash. We turned into west 6. Heading towards Mahon. It was dark out and a very clear night.

I looked towards the Church. Hovering above the steeple was this thing. I didn't know what it was. Never seen or heard of such things. Nor did I know they existed. Mom went quiet. She stopped the car, stared a moment, then turned the car right around. I was so confused. She said she didn't know what it was.

It was about the size of 10 or more cars. All silver. Had white lights all around its edges. You could see them rotating with the craft. Very slowly directly above the church cross. I had no idea what it was. We drove straight home.

Mom asked me to go tell my father what we had seen. I had no clue. So I went to the kitchen and grabbed two cereal bowls put them rim to rim. Told them about the lights and how it was so still but turning. He said it was a UFO. They were not sure what it was. He also told me it wouldn't hurt me. I had nightmares for months.

I was hoping by sharing this story others will come forward.  Someone else had to see this.

Reported 21-Jun-2016
19-Jun-2016, Logan Lake, BC: (1 pm)

My buddy who is nervous to be named in this small community took this photo with his cell phone and emailed it to me. I personally did not see this but he swears this is true. I could have him call you I think if you want to speak to him. He noticed this only after taking pix of the deer which is seen in the foreground. I would NEVER hoax anyone. We are professionally employed and we think this is really unusual. Photo is attached. It was taken on a cell phone so the resolution is not great.

Logan Lake UFO

UFO*BC Responds:

Thanks for the photo!

After looking at it, as you mentioned the resolution is very poor. So we can only go on the visual cues to determine what it may be we are looking at in the photo. Given that he didn't see it himself at the time (a good indication that it wasn't just hanging there) I would have to wager that we are seeing a bird heading across the frame and mid-flap. It could be a bug, but the level of blur and lighting suggests something 50 feet from the camera (give or take). So although I cannot say for sure, I would have to guess bird. But great photo of a doe!

Reported 22-Jun-2016
21-Jun-2016, Courtenay, BC: (3:05 to 3:50 pm)

I was working in the back yard, a semi-rural setting, and my wife and her friend were present.  I sat down on a chair in the shade and was talking with Alene about birds and my birding skills, when a Turkey Vulture came into view overhead, and was soaring on a thermal, doing a straight shot past us, and over the house.  We were both looking at this bird, when we both saw a glint in the clear blue sky, very distant. I commented that it looked like a star, perhaps I said a day viewing of the ISS?  I asked her to keep an eye on it, as it was approaching us, from the NNE, while I went to retrieve the binoculars. I came out and found the shining light, and with optical aid, saw a pulsing, more intense, less intense light (white to orangy, sodium vapour-like light) emanating from what?  The path seemed to slow for this anomaly.  My wife went in to get the 20X birding scope with tripod, and I set this up, as they took turns with the binoculars.

When I finally got the object in view, I couldn't believe my eyes. It was definitely emitting light, there were 2 lights, sometimes 3. The object was silverfish, platelike (no discernable wing-tips, rough edges), oval and appeared to be flipping continuously. (sometimes the 2 lights were horizontal, then immediately turning to vertical, then back). We took turns with the scope.  None of us could explain what we were seeing.

The first of 2 Air Canada jets went by, almost due west  My best guess at the altitude of the passing was 20-25 thousand feet, as I could see the fuselage colour of Air Canada plane (blueish-gray). Using this as a reference, I stared as the lines of travel intersected, and could see that the object was much further distant (30-40 thousand feet).

Object now slowed and changed direction, heading NNW, about 80 degrees of travel directional change. It seemed to linger a spell. We were describing location with referencing the tree top from next door. My wife went to call the air tower at our local air force base, and was told, they had nothing in the air at this time. Second Air Canada flight now passing same height as previous, approximately same direction. Did either of these flights see this thing on their radars?  Was there any reports by them or their passengers, being much closer?

We watched this object retreat to the NNW, for the next 10-15 minutes, the lights still doing the flipping thing, now only visible in the scope.  And then it was gone. A full 45 minute of unexplainable, unobstructed, star-like light, from an oval shape, multi-directional travel, in a clear blue sky, by 3 adults on a sunny day in June. Wow!

Reported 25-Jun-2016
25-Jun-2016, Nanaimo, BC: (10:50 pm)

There's 4 lights blinking over the straight off Georgia right now been there for about an hour cameras not good enough to take a pic.

Reported 2-July-2016
1-July-2016, North Vancouver, BC: (11:00 pm)

I was watching the Canada Day fireworks last night with my boyfriend from a friend's place in North Vancouver, At the end of the fireworks, at about 11:00 pm) there was a lot of smoke in the sky and two very bright red orbs, the colour of the red fireworks, suddenly appeared just right of all the smoke in the sky. They were very close together but it was clear there were 2 red lights, not one, yet they both moved in unison. They first appeared on the right side of the smoke in the sky then shot out in a horizontal line away from the smoke then back in towards the smoke in a very direct and quick fashion then suddenly dropped down towards the ocean in more of a curved fashion than a straight line, but on about a 45 degree angle to the right. Then it disappeared. My boyfriend and I both noticed it and have definitely never seen anything like it before. It was clearly not part of the fireworks and it was definitely not an aircraft.

I wonder if anyone else saw this? Was it a drone? Or something else? The red lights were relatively large in size compared to the firworks we had just seen. So I can't imagine it was a Chinese lantern or someone playing around with laser pointers. Thanks!

Reported 3-July-2016
2-July-2016, Surrey, BC: (11:30 pm)

I was out on the back deck at our farm (48th avenue and 152 street) and I thought I could see some strange lights as if they were in a row but spaced apart in the shape of a crescent shape ! I called my boy friend to come see and he freaked out, there was about 5 lights that we could see and I went to get my phone and as soon as I went to take a picture the lights went out, we stayed outside and right after I put my phone down is was like they were turned on by a lights twitch it was like Boom! Lights back on but this time there was 7 not 5! So we are just staring off in to these lights ! Can't believe what we are seeing. I'm calling my mom to go look outside and she couldn't see anything! The lights stayed in the same area never a different area some times they went side to side or up and down but never left that area, then I came in and my boy friend screamed for me to come see and the lights were gone but there was a bright green light beam across the sky! Then there was 2 of them! Then they vanished! Then they would come back but there would be 4 and they started strobing!!! Nothing I have ever seen before!

Reported 3-July-2016
2-July-2016, Vancouver, BC: (2 pm)

I was on the Locarno Beach yesterday around 2 pm, enjoying the sun and browsing the sky to find flying birds. I saw an airplane passing just over my location, heading west. It seemed whitish at that altitude. Right after the plane I noticed a small, round and dark object flying at the same speed to west but probably in a higher altitude. I followed it for 7-8 seconds until clouds concealed my sight. I am mildly myopic and wear prescribed and ultimately dark sunglasses but my vision is 20/20 when armed. I enjoyed the whole afternoon watching eagles, seagulls, ravens and even small swallows flying very high in the sky.

Reported 3-July-2016
3-July-2016, Surrey, BC: (2:30 am)

This mail is just a curiosity to know about a light that we saw yesterday early morning at 2:30 am. Yesterday while travelling through Fraser highway in BC near 96 avenue, we saw a blurred image of blue lights. At first it was not clear; later this began to increase and it formed a semi circle and later this light changed to fluroscent green and then to light red still in the shape of a half-circle.

We have taken some photos in our mobile, as we were travelling in the car we were not able to stop the car immediately to take the perfect picture, hence the fotos are not that clear. Hereby with this mail I'm attaching you those photos. Could you please check and let us know what these lights are?

Surrey semi-circle1

Surrey semi-circle2

UFO*BC Responds:

If you were travelling northwest on Fraser Hwy, near 96th Avenue, you would be facing directly towards Holland Park, which was hosting a concert on July 2nd and 3rd. Possibly they had coloured spot lights operating? We are trying to get confirmation of that.

Reported 4-July-2016
4-July-2016, Nanaimo, BC
: (3:30 am)

Outside my house looking up having a crafty smoke, when I saw a light, like a star....I watched it for about a 1 min 30 sec. It started as a star then moved and darted about towards Nanaimo town, high up...was weird as nothing I know moves that quick...I want to know if anyone else saw it!! I recorded a voicemail on my phone shortly after to record the time...and went up and told my husband who was in bed....which i think feels I'm not seeing things right......but I saw it! I hate conspiracy nuts and and was looking up and bam....little light.....darting around. I stood there thinking just clear my eyes for 30 sec....... I could not believe it....but I saw do we have cool engines out there? Maybe so!

Reported 7-July-2016
4-July-2016, Vancouver, BC: (1:30 am)

I wanted to get my sighting report on your website. On monday July 4 at around 1:30 am I saw what appeared to be a blue crown shape in the skies above Vancouver BC. I live in Surrey, and it appeared to be above North Vancouver somewhere. I know someone else must have seen this as it was huge and you just couldn't miss it. I didn't take any videos,  but I saw a video on YouTube that someone by the name of Phil Can managed to capture. She lives in Guildford.I know this is what I saw but I haven't found any other reports on it, have you recieved anything on this? Check the video out at

UFO*BC Responds:

On our website we have posted a couple of photographs taken on July 3rd. We believe the lights shown may have something to do with a concert taking place in Holland Park in Surrey. Does this photo look like what you saw?

Witness Responds:

Yes that's exactly what I saw. I thought it could be spotlights from a concert but I wasn't sure.

Reported 11-July-2016
9-July-2016, Mission, BC: (11:30 pm)

I walked out to deck for a smoke, I light cig, heard plane, looked up, saw plane, heading east...and out of the corner of my eye, towards west, was a bright pulsive flash, I seen it all, and it was like welding flashes, burn out before hits this, hung for about a sec...then no light...I was looking for it, thinking a plane traveling would light up again in 5 sec....didnt....about 30 sec later, it did it again in a different spot, lost it in a sec, as light faded to nothing....and again and again...4 times, 4 different spots, in 4 min....I was thinking, and absorbing it, and it was overcast, I can see stars in between clouds, and it was above the clouds, which was at low this im thinking maybe object was 2-3000 feet, maybe....but by the time I saw the 3rd and 4th flash....I didnt hear anything, as the plane noise was gone by no sound, jumped arround...and after the 4th sighting, the clouds where closed in more and I totaly lost it for I went back in the house and right away told a girl I was talking to, and I reported it to Mufon just after ya, this was a single craft, hovering on spot, flashed, moved to different spot, flashed....or it could of been 1 big craft, with different lights flashing different spots...but majority of craft was hidden behind i am confused and shooken still...Mufon won't come talk to me, and i need some one to talk to...but no doctors....if u can somehow contact me, come over and look at situation I was in, I would like it a lot...I had to confirm with texts, that I wasnt abducted this time...because I was gone for 5 min....this wasnt my first sighting, and it wont be my last...thank you

Reported 15-July-2016
November 1966, Burnaby, BC:

Myself and my husband were having dinner at a couple's house.  We walked towards their living room window while they were in the kitchen cooking dinner.  We saw a bright light shining down.  We looked up and saw a  large circular shaped ("flying saucer" type) object in the sky with blinking red and white lights as though the object were rotating.  There was a beam of light coming from the bottom on the object as well.  The light was so bright, it was lighting up all the trees and everything around.  It was flying very low.  We were alarmed and back away quickly from the window. The object disappeared very quickly a few seconds later. We decided to not mention this to the couple in the kitchen as we didn't think they would believe us.

Reported 15-July-2016
1-Jan-2016, North Vancouver, BC: (between 1:15 and 3:00 am)

My boyfriend and I were still up on New Years Day 2016 somewhere between 1:15 and 3:00AM. He was in the bedroom changing and I went onto my balcony which overlooks the ocean and downtown Vancouver.  High in the sky I saw a bright flashing light that seemed to be a circular shape. At first I thought maybe it was just a plane. Then the object started moving around erratically all over the place. It could not have been a plane or helicopter.  I pulled out my iphone and got a short video of it. If I zoom in on the video, I can see the bright light flashing and moving around erratically very clearly. If I can figure out how to edit the video so that it is zoomed in, I would love to submit it. In the video (without zooming in) you can still see a tiny light moving erratically in the sky, but it looks so small on video compared to what I saw with my naked eye. I recently looked on Youtube and it looks like someone else saw 2 UFO's on January 1, 2016 in Vancouver as well (during daylight). He video recorded it and put it on Youtube. The UFO's on his video look like the one I saw a few hours earlier when it was still dark.

Reported 23-July-2016
1997/1998, Burnaby, BC:


I have had a similar sighting to a craft just like this (see report "2-Jun-2016, Vancouver, BC: (8:30 pm)".  I can't remember exactly when this occurred but maybe 1997/98? What happened was that I went to use the ATM at the Canada Trust located across the street from Brentwood Mall. I was with my girlfriend and I can't remember why we had to go there at the time (it was approx. between 7:30pm - 8:15pm). I was waiting outside facing eastbound looking towards Brentwood Mall as my girlfriend was in the Canada Trust using the ATM. It was dark but wasn't raining and as I was standing there, I heard what sounded like wind or the air moving across a surface that seemed to be located approx. 50-60 ft. above street level. I looked up and saw what I thought was small airplane like a Cessna or something but it was COMPLETELY black or at least a dark colour and there was NO SOUND. The only sound was from the air or wind that was moving across this mysterious object's surface(s). It was moving northbound just casually flying, "moving", what ever the term is for these anomolous craft over Brentwood Mall. It moved along and out of sight as I was left standing there scratching my head. My girlfriend came out of the bank and I didn't mention it and we just went to the car. I wouldn't have ever noticed that it was there if I didn't hear what I construed was the sound of wind moving. When my eyes adjusted and saw what it was because it was dark my first impression was that it was a small plane due to the shape and size of it but in the dark I could tell that it was tapered toward the end like a plane but it was never thought of like being a disk or cigar-shaped UFO.

This was the start of many UFOs that I have seen in Burnaby. I just don't know why they are attracted to Burnaby but I live across the street from BCIT and they have big radio dishes there so methinks that might be why.

But then again, UFOs are everywhere. :)

Reported 27-Jul-2016
27-Jul-2016, Cowichan Lake, BC: (between 12:00 am and 1:30 am)

My friend Dawson, my aunt barb and I were watching the meteor shower last night, a very very bright orange then green star like object fell through the sky. A couple minutes later we noticed what looked like a star but brighter flew out from behind the trees. It was flying in a very strange manner doing a couple circles around and going up and down repeatedly for around 30 minutes.  All of the sudden, another star like object came out of no where and flew up very very quickly right up next to the other one. With no flashing lights, no noises and the odd flying manner we thought there was no way it could have been a plane or satellite. After a few seconds of them doing circles next to each other one of the objects hovered off across the sky slowly while the other one disappeared into no where. We would love to hear your professional opinion.

Reported 30-Jul-2016
29-Jul-2016, Rutland, BC: (about 11:00 pm)

Single lighted object moving very quickly and then darting in all sorts of different directions in a split second.. and then disappeared. For sure this was not a plane or a star. We were looking from Rutland towards the mountains on the west Kelowna side of the lake.

Reported 6-Aug-2016
1-Aug-2016, Vancouver, BC: (about midnight)

I was walking my girlfriend's 15 year old husky late at night in a Vancouver neighborhood that I've visited numerous times, but I wouldn't say I'm overly familiar with the area. It was about midnight on the evening of August 1st, 2016. The dog and I had been walking around the immediate neighborhood for about half an hour, and the route I was currently taking (west along 48th) brought us to the entrance of a trail at the corner of Alma and 48th that both the dog and I have walked through several times previously. But since it was midnight, and the trail was pitch black, I started to go north on Alma instead. The dog didn't care that it was pitch black and wanted to go onto the trail. The black arrow on the attached Google Street View image indicates where she was located while at the end of her retractable leash. We were having a standoff. The dog, being a typical husky, was being stubborn. We were in no hurry, so I was giving her a couple of minutes to come around to my way of thinking. I was about 20 feet north of the hound looking south towards her.

All of a sudden a very bright red light appeared in the sky just a bit to my left. It was moving very fast towards the west. At first I thought it was a shooting star, but I quickly ruled that out. It wasn't moving in a straight line, it changed it's speed slightly as it swerved, and the light had a very distinct outline or edge to it. What I mean by that is that the light didn't appear distant and/or "fuzzy". Although I was looking in the general direction of the airport, there was nothing to indicate this was anything like a plane in the distance. If I had to guess, I'd say it was maybe 100 feet away and perhaps an inch in diameter. (But yes, it is possible it was a larger object further away.) It was deep red, and it was bright, but it wasn't actually casting any light. In other words, it was very easy to spot, but it wasn't illuminating anything with its own light. I only saw it for maybe one second, two seconds max, before the light went completely out... just before it would've disappeared from view behind the trees. The area was very quiet, there was no wind, (no cloud cover either that I recall), and no sound was produced by whatever it was that I saw. There was no evidence of fireworks or flares. I'm 60 years of age, and have never previously witnessed anything like this. It was very strange.


PS. I was completely sober, and my vision is good. The dog didn't appear to notice anything, but she is 15 years of age!

Orb at Alma and 48th

Reported 6-Aug-2016
4-Aug-2016, Blind Bay, BC: (about 8:15 pm)

It first looked like silver glint coming right toward me high in the sky like a vertical oval then I watched it start dropping toward the hills. It appeared to have changed direction and the shape changed. I took 2 pictures but I cannot see the object in the pictures even though I could see it with my eyes. I grabbed the binoculars and it looked like one of those safe lawn darts falling but dazzling white and no middle piece. It moved at a steady pace downward and dropped behind the hills. I have been coming to the Okanagan for 40 years and I have never seen anything like it.

Reported 6-Aug-2016
every night, Surrey, BC:

My family and I see this every night. It is always in the southern part of the sky. What caught our attention was the large orange glow which appears to be the front of this craft. The orange light can be seen slowly turn right and left up and down but as my son pointed out behind this orange ball there is another one quite a distance away. They seem to move with each other and with closer and a long time watching you can see two other glows but more starish but again move with the others. We think it's one giant ship because it moves like a boat. The night we saw a commercial plane fly behind the light confirmed that these illumination's are in the sky not atmosphere or space. I've taken several pictures but to be honest it can't be seen the same as with your eye.

Reported 7-Aug-2016
6-Aug-2016, Vernon, BC:

I am not sure what I saw tonight, but it sure as heck was not a plane...and was too large in size to be a satellite. There were many planes in the sky tonight and it was rather cloudy, but I spend a lot of time star gazing so the night sky here is not unfamiliar to me, what I saw was nothing I have seen before. My mother and I were at "Vernon Secondary School" in Vernon, BC Aug 6 2016, we were in the school field watching the thunder and lighting that was taking place and I said to my mother "look at that! is that a planet or something ?? ". It was a large orange orb looking thing about the size of ....half a full moon i'd say, and we thought nothing of it just that it looked really pretty orange colour and that it was a possible planet or something, then around 10:30 pm about 10-15 mins after we noticed the orange orb, the big orange orb started to move up then down at a slow pace, then as it went back up it kind of shot up and blinked in and out almost like an electrical short out, the orange orb turned into two small white lights that were sporadically moving around and making the same short out spark then shot up and was gone and we stood there and looked for about a half an hour after to see if we would see anything again but there was nothing. I did not get any photos as we were quite excited and overwhelmed, not knowing what we were seeing but I wish I had! I hope my mom and I were not the only ones who saw this incredible orange beauty what ever it may have been.