1. Name: Eric Coosh Address: New Westminster, BC
2. Date of Observation: September 29, 1957           10:00PM
3. Location of Observer: Standing in garden in New Westminster
4. Duration of Observation: About 3 seconds
5. Weather: Fine and sky clear
6. Description and Behaviour:

a. Appearance - Sharp or blurred - Shape? A very large bright star
b. Sound? None
c. Colour? Almost a white light
d. Did object change shape? No
e. Did object change colour? No
f. Give off smoke? No
g. Did object fall like a leaf? No
h. Flicker and pulsate? No
i. Any other points of interest? Was watching a quite spectacular aurora display when attention suddenly drawn by appearance of bright light in sky.  It travelled in a perfectly flat trajectory, then suddenly vanished as the flicking off of a light.

7. Apparent size of object by comparison with penny held at arm's length: About 1/8th size of a dime
8. Direction of travel: From southeast to south
9. Estimated speed: Similar to a low flying jet plane
10. Estimated height and distance: Height unknown, appeared about 1/2 mile.