1. Name: Scott Muray Address: Abbotsford, BC
2. Date of Observation: Friday, April 15, 1966  4:30PM
3. Location of Observer: 20 miles west of Kamloops
4. Duration of Observation: About 25 seconds
5. Weather: Clear
6. Description and Behaviour:

a. Appearance - Sharp or blurred - Shape: Oval
b. Sound : Nil
c. Colour: Shiny blue-white, very strange
d. Did object change shape? No
e. Did object change colour? No
f. Give off smoke? No
g. Did object fall like a leaf? No
h. Flicker and pulsate? No
i. Any other points of interest? Sudden disappearance, high relective quality, the light patterns which were the reflection of the sun stayed the same when they were viewed from two points one half mile apart.

7. Apparent size of object by comparison with penny held at arm's length: Smaller
8. Direction of travel: Nil
9. Estimated speed: Nil
10. Estimated height and distance: Difficult to estimate, a fair distance