UFOs taking Surrey for a ride

by Tom Zytaruk, Surrey Now

People are disappearing in Surrey.

Since 1989 some 20 Surrey residents have claimed to have been abducted by aliens, says Lorne Goldfader, director of the UFO Research Institute of Canada.  A majority of the abductions occurred around the city's electrical power grids.

Many of the abductees claim to have been taken into a spacecraft, but most chose not to go public for fear of ridicule.

As the experience is often accompanied by amnesia, says Goldfader, it often takes a while before the abductees are able to piece together what happened to them.  The memories usually surface through association, triggered by seeing an object that looks like something they saw in the craft, or medical conditions causing them to recall alien surgical techniques.

So far none of the abductees have contacted the Surrey RCMP.  "We haven't got any reports of people gone missing or abducted by UFOs." Surrey RCMP Insp. Larry Gallagher said Friday.

On Sept. 10, several Surrey residents reportedly saw a large UFO hovering about 75 to 100 feet above a townhouse complex in Newton.

Residents reported their electrical appliances were affected and one family's computer spewed out bizarre hieroglyphics, which were later analyzed and deemed unrelated to the sighting.

Witnesses stood amazed, gazing at the large disc-shaped object.  It was about the size of a 747 jet, they say, its circumference dotted with red strobic lights.

The sighting occurred at dusk. Daniel Watts, 16, was on his front lawn when he heard neighborhood children screaming and looked to the sky.  The objects' underbelly was seamless and looked like it was made of aluminum.

The craft remained stationary for about 15 seconds, giving Daniel time to call out for his mother, Alison.  She reached the front steps in time to see the object "flip" on its side and dash away, and then she rushed upstairs to make sure her baby Nicholas was still there.

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