The Collison Letter

November 26, 2001

Dear Mr. Jasek,

Thank you for your letter and the copy of UFO*BC. This to me proved very interesting and I am sure my wife will find it just as interesting when she reads it. Incidentally the UFO depicted on page 11 immediately made me think of the one we saw in Dawson Creek, although I believe the one we saw would be smaller. At this late post-sighting date it is hard to tell. At the time I estimated its altitude to be 1000 to 1500 feet. Our sighting took place about 8:00 p.m.

My wife also saw other UFO’s around the same time, there were three or four of them together. I saw one other, a balloon shape but definitely far larger than a weather balloon.

We lived in Dawson Creek from 1965 — 1973 and I cannot remember the exact date of our sightings, but I believe it was in 1967 or 1968. However I am not at all sure.

This past summer, in August, I was barbequeing in the back yard when I noticed an UFO quite some distance away — I would guesstimate 2—3 miles. It just stood still in the sky. I called my wife and she came and had a good look at it. It continued in the one place. The cooking being finished I went inside for supper. When I came out again it was gone.

We are sending all my wife's clippings of UFO sightings. As far as possible she has identified each with a source and date. You are quite welcome to them. We are elderly people and we know that when we are gone they will be thrown out so they may as well be the property of yourself and UFO*BC. I am sure you will find them interesting reading.

Any other sightings we may have we will certainly report to you. We have your address and that of UFO*BC.

(Rev.) K.M. Collison
Victoria, BC


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