What Is It?

Conway, Ark. farmer Richard Cummings was “a little skittish” when he stumbled upon this 23-inch, stainless steel spheroid while hunting wolves near his home last week. Now he’s just puzzled. The nylon string he’s holding apparently is attached to a clamp or spring inside the object which weighs about seven pounds and measures six feet in circumference. No one has been able to tell him what it is, including the air force, weather bureau and civil defence agency.

MP Seeks Report On UFOs

The Edmonton Journal
Thursday, November 9, 1967

OTTAWA (CP) — An opposition MP has asked the government for a report on a series of unidentified flying object sightings in eastern Manitoba last May and June.

Ed Schreyer (NDP - Springfield) placed a written question on the Commons order paper Wednesday seeking information on the number of reports investigated.

It asks whether the results of the investigations will be made public and, if not, why not.


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