Air Object Revisits

The Province
Saturday, February 8, 1969

Canadian Press

FORT SMITH, N.W.T. — A strange object has been seen in the sky every night this week near this community a few miles north of the Alberta boundary.

The strange light was first reported by Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Mercredi as they were returning from Fort Rae, N.W.T., by car.

“It was a bright light in the sky which seemed to appear out of nowhere and at about treetop level,” said Mrs. Mercredi, “and then it started to gain on us.”

“At first it took the shape of a large ball of white light, then it flashed an orange color.”

“My husband was driving around the speed limit when we first spotted it, but he speeded up the car as it kept on gaining on us.”

“After we reached the Bell Rock corner, Gordon stopped the car and took three pictures of whatever it was.”

“When we stopped our car, the thing seemed to turn into the bush right along the power lines.”

Other persons have reported seeing the lights every night this week about 6 p.m. or later.

Bill Limbeek said:

“I didn’t stick around long enough because it scared the hell out of me. A real screwy feeling. I didn’t see any shape. It seemed to have a reddish orange light with a bluish-green centre, but the reddish part seemed to pulsate.”

A federal transport department spokesman said weather balloons are released in the area about 4 p.m., but they are usually down before 6.


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