Can (U) (F)igure Them (O)ut?

The Edmonton Journal
Saturday, April 8, 1967

There seems to be little doubt residents of the Edmonton area sighted an unidentified f1ying object Thursday night.

But was it the same one?

From all quarters of the city people have called The Journal to confirm the story of the UFO sighting.

One woman at the east end of the city reported an object that resembled a flashing red light which passed over the city about 9:30 p.m. Thursday from the south to north. “It took only moments to pass over the city and didn’t make a sound,” she related.


Another woman who lives in the southeast corner of the city said she and her daughter sighted an orange-red object going in a southeasterly direction.

“We watched it through our field glasses for about three-quarters of an hour. My daughter said the color of the object turned to a blue. A very, very pretty blue,” she said.

“It seemed to be going too fast to be a star and not fast enough for a satellite.”

The geological department at the University of Alberta suggested to her it might be a weather balloon, but “we’re sure it wasn’t.”

From the northwest corner of the city a report came in from a woman who said she and her husband watched an object for over an hour.

“It was as high as the stars,” she said. “We watched it for the longest time before we were sure it wasn’t a star.”


“After we read the front page story in The Journal Friday about the object traced by the airport radar, we were sure we had seen the flying object they’d had on their screen, it was about the same time and everything.”

Friday’s story indicated a UFO had been spotted on the radar screen at International Airport between 9 and 11 p.m. Thursday and a ground sighting had been made by a man in the area of 106th St. and 99A Ave. about the same time.

The man who made the ground sighting indicated he had been in touch with a tracking station at Colorado State University who said they had made a sighting of a UFO, presumably around Alberta.

A city woman who called The Journal Friday night indicated her sighting was made late Wednesday night.


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