Kingston Sighting

Times Colonist
Wednesday, Jan. 7, 1987

A Kingston, Ont., resident has videotaped what he believes is an unidentified flying object which he saw darting through the morning sky last weekend.

Scott Lloyd, 31, said he awoke Saturday morning, looked out the window and saw "this light moving through the sky in a strange, erratic way."

He grabbed a video camera, which was equipped with a zoom lens, and recorded a 50-second tape of the object.

In the tape, the object - a dark oval with one large white light and one small one - zigzags through the sky. At one point, it appears to stop and hover, then accelerates rapidly.

Neither the local civilian airport nor the military one nearby had flights in the area at that time of the morning, spokesmen said. The weather office said there were no weather balloons.


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