Airport, Resident Spots Strange Object Over City

The Edmonton Journal
Edmonton, Alberta, Friday, April 7, 1967

Edmonton’s International Airport apparently traced an Unidentified flying object for two hours on radar Thursday night.

It radioed a pilot flying from Fort McMurray to Edmonton to help track the UFO from the air.

And, on the ground, a resident of 106th Street and 99A Avenue also saw the object.

The sightings occurred between 9 and 11 p.m.

International Airport registered the UFO on its radar screen and contacted the pilot, flying a Pacific Western Airlines plane.
"We're sometimes asked to keep an eye open for unidentified airplanes,” the pilot - who would not give his name - said.

“But the airport control tower specifically said it was an unidentified flying object.”

The PWA plane was heading south over Namao when the airport radioed him.


“We had turned our radar off and were getting ready to land,” the pilot commented. “But the control tower asked us to keep our eyes open.”

He said the RCAF Station at Namao also reported sighting the UFO by radar.

But Namao officials today denied any sighting.

And officials at Edmonton’s Industrial Airport would neither confirm nor deny reports that they had traced the UFO.

The pilot said he didn’t see anything which he could identify positively as an unidentified flying object.


“We saw a few flashes of light, but we couldn't say anything for sure.”

But, he added, the airport was receiving “a pretty strong pattern” on its radar screen.

The Edmonton man said he sighted the object about 9:30 p.m. It appeared above the northwest part of the city for about 20 seconds.

He described the UFO as having a reddish orange glow.

“There was no real shape or distinct outlines to it,” be remarked. “It was sort of a vague, dullish glow. Just a point of light.”

He couldn’t judge the object’s size or speed.

"But I know it went very fast,” he said.

He apparently contacted UFO tracking stations in the United States.

He said Colorado State University reported tracking an unidentified flying object on its radar screen in a northern area (presumably around Alberta) about 9 or 10 p.m. Thursday.


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