The Victorian
Wednesday, April 6, 1977

Hundreds of UFO enthusiasts turned out at the Mount Douglas look-out on the strength of a prediction made by Julian North, psychic, that UFOs might appear between 8 and 9 p.m. Sunday.

Although there was no acrobatic display of flying saucers, many strange lights appeared from time to time, including one at 8:50 when a light was observed in the stratosphere directly overhead moving in a semi-circle from a northerly direction, then to the east.

Upon checking with the control tower at the Pat Bay airport the investigation found there was no reported flight in progress at that time.

When the hill-top observers asked North what he thought it was he said: Its a UFO. Until proven otherwise it remains an unidentified flying object.

After that everyone went home with their lungs full of the fresh night air.


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