“Saucer” Burns Youth

The Edmonton Journal
April 4, 1966

HAMILTON, Ont. (CP) - A 13-year-old Hamilton boy has a curved burn on his hand he claims came from touching the “antenna” of a soft-glowing “flying ship.”.

Charles Cozens claims two strange ships landed in a field behind the Hamilton police station on Upper Wellington Street Tuesday night.

Constable Arnold Read, summoned to the home after the parents repeatedly questioned their son before reporting the incident, verified the three inch, yellowish burn mark on the boy’s hand.

Charles said he ran behind a fence after seeing one “ship” land, closely followed by another.

He described the objects as “eight feet long, four feet wide and three feet high with red, blue and green lights set into the rim and flickering like a computer.”

The boy said the objects made a buzzing sound and “lit up the grass around.”


Only one had an antenna, he said. “It was thicker at the base and narrowed to the size of a nickel at the top.”

When he touched the antenna, a flash “of electricity” occurred, and he received a shock.

His father, James Cozens, a draughtsman, said he explained the seriousness of calling the police “but Charles was emphatic and could not be shaken.”

Last Wednesday, Laverne Emery, 18, and his brother Owen, 14, reported seeing two objects flying low over the city.

Mr. Emery, an engineer, said his sons were “extremely shaken up by what they had seen.”

They said the objects made “a whirring noise, not at all like an aircraft.”


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