UFO crater? No giggles

30 - 31 August, 1981

SMOKY LAKE, Alta. (CP) — RCMP officials are not laughing at a recent report of an unidentified flying object in the Smoky Lake area, 80 kilometres northeast of Edmonton.

A confidential report, with pictures and ashes from a possible UFO crater, has been sent to RCMP headquarters in Ottawa.

The excitement began Aug. 22, when Pat Wilson and her husband Jim saw a strange fire burning in a field on their acreage. “It wasn’t like a normal fire,” Mrs. Wilson said in an interview. “There was no crackling sound, no smell and it was a bright orange color.”

They went to the site and found no fire, “just mounds of cold ashes and a weird sulphur smell.”

The Wilsons are convinced the fire was a UFO taking off from their field.

“What we saw was definitely not normal,” Mrs. Wilson said.

RCMP officials questioned the Wilsons and investigated the site carefully before filing their report.

“The ground was burned to a depth of six or seven inches,” said an RCMP officer who wanted to remain anonymous.

“The ash was grey-black with a crater-like surface. It was soft. If you stepped on it, you would sink up to your ankles.

“The area was cigar-shaped, about 30 feet across. If you let your imagination get away, you could almost see jet propulsion marks.”

Samples of the ashes have been sent to Ottawa and to a University of Alberta professor for analysis.


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