Few Report Seeing Meteorite Thursday

The Edmonton Journal
Tuesday, March 30, 1965

Didn't anybody else see that meteorite that fell near Oliver early Thursday morning?

Dr. L. A. Bayrock, a geologist with the Alberta Research council, feels sure more people than the five he has talked to saw the relatively small but bright meteorite that lit up the sky in a path from Lacombe to Fort Saskatchewan before exploding just northeast of Edmonton.

Dr. Bayrock says reports so far indicate there likely are several small pieces and one large portion of the meteorite in a small area somewhere near Oliver, but it would be like "looking for a needle in a haystack" to begin a concentrated ground search on the scanty information so far volunteered.

The meteorite exploded about eight miles above the earth's surface, he says, and the smaller particles of the substance probably are lying on top of the snow. The doctor says it is important to research that the particles be found before they become highly contaminated by the earth's atmosphere.

The last two meteorites to land in Alberta fell near the town of Peace River in 1963, and near Bruderheim in 1960.


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