Many witness UFO

Dawson Creek, BC
July 30, 1969

—Peace River Record Gazette

An unidentified flying object was sighted north of Hines Creek July 16 and was witnessed by a number of district residents.

Mrs. Steve Tachit, who lives on a farm 14 miles southwest of Hines Creek, said a neighbor phoned her and told her about an object moving from north to east in the sky.

She said she went into the yard and sighted an object which appeared to be large and white to the naked eye. The time was 8:40 p.m.

The object was “floating gently east” and moved so slowly that movement was difficult to discern.

The Tachit family later observed the object through binoculars and a rifle telescope. Mrs. Tachit said the object then appeared to be brown, with large, scallopy convolutions. There was no obvious mode of propulsion.

Mrs. Tachit was unable to estimate the distance from which she observed the object, but It was visible for miles around.

“It sort of had us puzzled,” Mrs. Tachit said.


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