Flying Saucer Sightings Recorded Back In 1882

The Edmonton Journal
September 29, 1965

MEXICO CITY (Reuters) — There have been claims recently that “flying saucers” have been sighted over Mexico and other parts of the Western Hemisphere.

And this has prompted the weekly magazine, Impacto, to recall that such sightings were recorded as far back as 1882.

Impacto said that in 1882 the Mexican astronomer, Dr. Jose Bonilla, was studying sunspots through his telescope when he found “hundreds of oval-shaped objects” passing in front of his lens.

He wrote in a French scientific publication:

“In nearly two hours I observed the passage of 283 celestial bodies, all of identical shape, very similar to flying plates, and, judging from the great distance and the enormous rate at which they entered and left the visual field of my telescope, they must have been propelled at an incalculable speed.”


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