A flying ‘something’ touches down in Brazil

October 28, 1966

Whatever they are, they’re back. Seven months after the springtime flurry of flying saucer sightings (LIFE, April 1), unidentified flying objects (UFOs) were observed over Wanaque, New Jersey and Pierre, South Dakota. Now comes James Pfeiffer, a respected aviation industry executive, who saw - and photographed the UFO at left while he was in Brazil. “It was spheroid-shaped,” he reported, “roughly 70 feet in diameter, very smooth in construction.” It hovered at about 1,500 feet above the lagoon-side restaurant where he sat, then sped away at 200 mph and abruptly changed direction. “It didn’t skid or bank,” he said, “but made a flat, 90 degree right turn.” Setting down in the woods across the water, he went on, it emitted a high-, then low-pitched whirring sound - ”noisy enough to bring the restaurant employees out to watch.” The Air Force agreed that Pfeiffer had seen ‘‘something.’’ It was particularly interested in the shadow on the left side of the UFO, which suggested that it was three-dimensional. Meanwhile, weary of charges that it is suppressing facts, the Air Force has finally turned over the problem of UFOs to the University of Colorado, which will conduct an "independent” investigation under a grant of $300,000.


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