New Areas Report Sightings Of UFOs

The Edmonton Journal
Monday, March 28, 1966

From Journal News Services

DETROIT - Michigan’s weird, blinking lights apparently have extended their appearances into Ohio and Wisconsin.

The reports of sightings, limited for nearly two weeks to southern Michigan, came from some 100 miles north in Michigan’s “thumb” district, across Lake Michigan at Green Bay, Wis., and south near Toledo and Dayton, Ohio.

As before, there was no full explanation.

So far, the only authoritative analysis has been the swamp-gas theory advanced Friday by a Northwestern University astrophysicist, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, who also is a U.S. Air Force special consultant.

Ohio Highway Patrolman R. D. Landversicht said Sunday he saw a strange light approaching Wright Patterson Air Force Base near Dayton. He was reported to have photographed the lights and the air force was to develop the films today.

Wright Patterson is the home of the U.S. national unidentified aerial phenomena office, called Project Blue Book.

Unidentified flying objects were reported in the Toronto, Barrie, Hamilton, Sarnia and Kitchener-Waterloo areas of Ontario Sunday night.

Two Toronto men reported seeing a white light in the sky near Barrie moving slowly to the south until it disappeared.

Lawrence Bressette, who runs a store at Kettle Point, about 25 miles northeast of Sarnia, said he saw a disc-shaped object about 8 p.m. and watched for more than an hour through field glasses as it flashed red, white, blue and green lights.

Two University of Toronto engineering students said they saw a bright whirling object fly across the sky from their rooftop observation point.


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