Police watch UFOs

The Province
Tuesday, January 27, 1976

ROSENBERG, Tex. (UPI) - Three policemen said they watched four unidentified flying objects manoeuver over the city for 1˝ hours before dawn Monday.

Three of the UFO’s formed a horizontal pattern with a fourth above them, the officers said.

Patrolman Bobby Slawinski said he was alone in a patrol car and watched with disbelief as three bright objects regularly alternated colors.

He called Sgt. Ernie Watson and Patrolman Gil Steen to verify his sighting. Steen said he watched with binoculars as the white, blue and red lights hovered.

Watson said the middle UFO suddenly left the pattern with unbelievable speed. Later, two more suddenly shot away.

Slawinski said at one time a lone object with the same characteristics was in the western sky.


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