Dramatic Incidents Linked With UFOs

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The Edmonton Journal
Tuesday, December 27, 1966

NEW YORK — “There is no flying saucer controversy in my country,” said Brazil’s top UFO investigator, Dr. Olavo T. Fontes, in an interview.

“Too many people - thousands - have seen these objects at close range in Brazil over the past 16 years. And there have been many dramatic incidents, including a number of brief landings, power failures directly attributable to the presence of these objects, and cases in which people have had to be hospitalized after suffering burns and other injuries apparently caused by these things.”

A prominent physician in Rio de Janeiro, Dr. Fontes is a professor at the National School of Medicine and an officer in leading medical societies.

For the past 12 years, he has studied the widespread reports of unidentified flying objects in Brazil and has personally investigated over 300 cases. He has just concluded a visit to the United States where he conferred with leading scientists, such as astronomer Jacques Vallee of Northwestern University, and government officials concerned with American UFO investigations.

He was invited to the U.S. to participate in closed discussions designed to establish closer co-operation between interested members of the world’s scientific community to study the UFO phenomenon on a global scale. The initial meetings were held in Chicago under a cloak of secrecy.


Speaking of secrecy, Dr. Fontes explained: “In Brazil, the government does not scoff at UFO reports, or try to explain them as stars or 'swamp gas'. The Brazilian Air Force carefully investigates the more important reports but never releases its findings. It just never says anything.”

However, he pointed out, in earlier years the Brazilian government did issue some positive statements on the subject.

In 1958, then-president Dr. Juscelino Kubitschek personally released to the press copies of photographs of a saturn-shaped flying object taken off the island of Trindade by scientists aboard the IGY ship, Almirante Saldanha. But in more recent years the Brazilian government has fallen silent and its agencies flatly ignore queries for UFO information.


“We are told,” said Dr. Fontes, a slight, dark man with a sober mien, “that the United States Air Force is making a thorough study of this situation and the rest of the world seems to be waiting for them to release their findings.”

“Early in my research,” Dr. Fontes said, “it occurred to me that the UFO reports were following a 26-month cycle. That is, the reports increased in startling numbers every 26 months. But since 1964 this cycle seems to have been abandoned. The UFO activity has been almost constant for the past two years, and the world- wide reports are coming in in greater numbers than ever before.”

Dr. Fontes is particularly concerned with the reports of unidentified flying objects over military bases, power plants, reservoirs, and fresh water sources and examining installations.


He believes the UFO activity suggests a pattern of military survey which is, perhaps, preparatory to what he prefers to call “a Pacific invasion.”

He refuses to speculate on the possible origin of the flying saucers but he suggests that the present buildup of reports indicates that they may be nearing their ultimate goal . . . contact.

“We may have all the answers within the next three years,” he says.


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