. . . Steve Michalak, 50, says craft landed near him


‘Foul Smell’ Persists

UFO Sighter Suffers Chest Burn

The Edmonton Journal
Wednesday, May 24, 1967

WINNIPEG (CP) — Steve Michalak, a 50-year-old mechanic, insisted Tuesday he saw two strange objects drop from the sky.

He says he can “still feel a sort of foul smell coming from inside me” when he recalls the incident.

Mr. Michalak claims he saw the objects last Saturday near Falcon Lake, a resort area 75 miles east of here. One of them landed.

“I’ve lost 12 pounds in the last two days and I’ve been laughed at but I thought it was my duty to report what I had seen,” he said at his home.

The objects were described as being about 35 feet long, eight feet high with a three-foot protrusion on top. While they bore a surface resemblance to stainless steel, they gave off a glaring red light.

His son, Mark, 19, said that when the craft took off his father received burns on his chest. The burns resemble a pattern, similar to a checker board. “One square has a number of dots in it while the next one is bare,” the son said.

Steve Michalak was examined by his family doctor Monday who said:
“The burn is just on the surface. Mr. Michalak says it’s from a blast of air from some aircraft he’s never seen before . . . he had a headache and an upset stomach.”

The father said he saw a door open on the craft, emitting a brilliant violet color. There were noises of air hissing and what sounded like human voices.

When the object took off it disappeared on the horizon within a minute.

“I examined the spot where the craft had settled down and I couldn’t see any prints that might have been left by legs of any kind. All I saw was a bare spot, circular in shape with all the leaves and grass removed by the heat, I presume.”


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