Strange Craft Sighted

Dawson Creek
Wednesday, February 23, 1972

A prominent citizen of Dawson Creek noticed what appeared to be a red light hovering in the sky last Wednesday at 9 p.m. It appeared to hover over the Kilkerran area which is north of Dawson Creek just off the Alaska Highway.

Ordinarily a red light in the sky could only be one of two things, a red star, or the port clearance light on the wing of an aircraft, but in this case, the light behaved in an erratic manner that placed both possibilities beyond consideration.

An aircraft flying towards the viewer would give the appearance of a stationary light, but if this was what our viewer saw, the aircraft was either coming or going for at least 15 minutes, and the light neither got larger nor smaller. Also, the man's wife was called to the front door with binoculars and even under such magnification the light continued to appear to be just that - a red light.

Still thinking it an aircraft, our informant phoned the airport to check on the possibility of a night flight of some aircraft, but none had flown in the area since 8 p.m.

With the binoculars still trained on the red light, and his wife watching, the light veered to their left, then to the right, and then swooped down behind the hill towards Kilkerran and was seen no more.

Had it been an aircraft, the green starboard wing light could have been seen, or at least the tail light which is white on all aircraft that fly at night, but again, in this case no other light was visible regardless of the direction the light was moving.

Discussing the sighting later, our informant stated it could not have been a car parked on a hill and a mirage giving the appearance of a red tail light in the sky - since the sighting was between 15 and 20 degrees above the horizon, a star would not have moved, nor would the light be so large. An aircraft would have been coming towards the viewer and therefore would eventually have passed overhead - or if going away, the light would have gotten smaller and disappeared, and besides, the swooping was too fast and jerky to be the movements of an aircraft.

There was no sound such as an aircraft would have made, except the man and his wife could both hear a faint persistent humming that only stopped when the light went behind the hill.

Most sightings of this kind, labeled UFO (Unidentified Flying Object) are laughed at or ridiculed to a point where others who have sighted same refuse to report them.

One other well known citizen reported a light last November that was white. This light appeared from the direction of Chetwynd and as it came towards him while he was driving, blinded him so that he had to stop the car. Again it was thought that an aircraft’s landing light might have been the cause, but no noise accompanied this sighting. And for fear of ridicule the man did not report it to the News media.

Perhaps you have seen something in the sky that cannot be explained? If so, please give as much details and witnesses as possible to the News.


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