Circles appear again in fields of the world

Sunday, August 22, 1993
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The Canadian Press

Saskatoon - In Prairie fields, the 1993 crop of circles is beginning to sprout, Canadian researchers say.

Two circle formations have been reported south of Calgary and one near Altona, Man.

Paul Anderson, national co-ordinator for the British-affiliated Canadian Centre for Crop Circle Studies, said the phenomenon has also been confirmed this summer in seven U.S. states. Reports are also trickling in from other countries, including Switzerland, Japan and Spain. As usual, many formations are appearing in England, where the strange patterns of flattened grain were first spotted around 1978.

About two dozen circles are reported each summer in the three Canadian Prairie provinces, mostly in Saskatchewan. Skeptics figure they are caused by plant diseases, animals, the wind or pranksters.

Anderson said the number of incidents is decreasing, but the formations that are appearing have increased in complexity. They are also surfacing in more and more countries.

One formation that appeared Aug. 1 in a New York state oat field was the size of a football field. It was a complex pattern, Anderson said, with circles and pathways. Strange lights were seen above the field the night the pattern developed.

One of the Alberta formations was similar in size and design.

"There is a new trend this summer," Anderson said Friday. "Many of the formations are appearing close to highways where they are certain to be seen by many travellers.

"There are also some bizarre incidents. In England, when circles appear, a lot of farmers are cutting down their fields immediately to stop trespassers. They're tired of people stomping through their property to see the configurations.

"One farmer cut down his crop over a newly discovered formation and the next day, in an uncut area nearby, an identical formation appeared.

Anderson said the Centre for Crop Circle Studies is anxious to hear about new crop-circle formations so plant and soil analysis can be conducted.

"You can quickly tell if a formation is a hoax," said Anderson. "They are not all hoaxes and they are certainly not normal."


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