Landed in Swamp

Mystery Objects Probed in U.S.

Victoria Daily News
Monday, March 21, 1966

ANN ARBOR, Mich. (UPI) — At least 40 persons saw an eerie unidentified flying object land in a swamp near here Sunday night, police said today. Twelve witnesses were policemen.

Officers said four sister ships hovered in a quarter-circle above the object until it took of with a warbling sound like the echo of a ricocheting bullet.

Patrolman Robert Honeywell of Dexter, a nearby village, said he and other residents of the area saw similar objects zipping through the skies early last Monday and Wednesday.

Frank Mannor, 47, a farmer and his son, Ronald, 19, said they approached within 500 yards of the object. It lay in swamp, they said, with pulsating haloed lights on each end. Mannor said it was pitted “like coral rock” and about the length of a car. He drew a picture of it, showing its shape about that of a football.


“There seemed to be a kind of fog underneath it,” Mannor said.

He said his son said, “Look at that horrible thing!” and the craft vanished. Two deputies, Mannor’s son-in-law and other witnesses said it zipped over the tree tops. They described the same noise. Mannor and others said it was like the warbling sirens used on some police cars or a ricocheting bullet.

Six police cars chased the formation but the objects vanished.

Policemen said they and other witnesses, except the Mannors, could see only lights because of the darkness.


Two Washtenaw County sheriff’s deputies said they saw blinking lights — apparently from the object — rise above the trees, then dip again.

Honeywell said he saw “four of those lights hovering over the area” in a quarter circle above the object on the ground.

“The light went out over the centre object (the one on the ground) and then it flew over the top of us,” Honeywell said.

Robert Taylor, Dexter police chief, said he watched the object from Mannor’s home on a knoll overlooking the 300-acre swamp about 12 miles northwest of here.

“I saw a red glow down in the swamp,” Taylor said. “It was a pulsating bright red and then it grew dimmer. I put the binoculars on it and saw that there was a light on each end of the thing.”

D e p u t y Stanley McFadden said at least 60 persons saw the strange lights in the air or on the ground.


McFadden and Deputy David Fitzpatrick left their car and slogged through the swamp after watching the object rise to tree top level, then sink down and apparently land.

“It had a red and green light, one light on each side, and a white reddish glow in the centre. Mannor and his son said it was like two (elliptical) bowls cupped together, with a glove on the top, brownish in color, with a waffle skin,” said McFadden.

Selfridge Air Force Base near Detroit, about 50 miles from here, referred inquiring newsmen to the Detroit Air Defence sector headquarters in Baffle Creek, Mich. Telephones were not answered at the sector’s public information office and a secretary said the base commander was out.


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