Punch is added to UFO sightings

Peace River Block News
Dawson Creek
Wednesday, February 19, 1969

Another UFO, this time southeast of the city, has been reported.

John Pandell, his brother Ed and both of their families of Grande Prairie state they watched an object in the sky for slightly over 40 minutes.

Mr. Pandell states that they watched it through binoculars from their home in Grande Prairie and estimated it to be in the Dawson Creek area.

It was just over the rooftops, says John. At that distance I couldnt judge the size but it was a bright light which varied from orange to blue.

And it definitely could not be a hoax with a paper bag and candle . . . it was too bright, he states.

Punch Added

More punch has been added to the increasing number of UFOs being reported by the House of Commons.

On February 6th, MP Barry Mather introduced the matter in the Commons debates. He stated that Canada was not paying enough attention to these matters and brought attention to the fact that the United States spent many years and half a million dollars to investigate sightings.

He brought the views of many informed individuals to the attention of the House.

The existence of these machines is evident and I have accepted them absolutely, says Air Chief Marshal Lord Dowding.

I believe extra terrestrial intelligences are watching the earth and have been visiting for millennia in their flying saucers, says Dr. Oberth, rocket scientist.

I believe in UFOs, says Knut Hammerskjold, Director General of International Air Transport Association.

The hypothesis that these UFOs are extra-terrestrial surveillances . . . I regard as most likely, says Dr. James McDonald, physicist.

At first without any question I thought it was stuff and nonsense, but not any more, says Dr. J. Allen Hynek, astrophysicist.

A file is to be prepared to the House at a later date on the matter.


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