UFO man may have lost his bearings...

By Mark Wilson
The Province
Saturday, January 18, 1969

Major Wayne S. Aho, a former U.S. Army Intelligence officer, has travelled more than a million miles lecturing on unidentified flying objects.

The travelling seems to have left him a little at a loss for his bearings. Speaking Friday night at the Oakridge Auditorium, he began by saying he was glad to be in Vancouver, Wash.

He quickly recovered to announce that he had had an all-night encounter with visitors from space in 1957. During it there was a mind-to-mind dialogue which he described as “deeply profound.”

Aho said that first meeting with spacemen occurred in the Mojave Desert, in California.

During it, he said, he was lifted up to the brink of a “deep drop” and was told that the world was on the edge of a precipice.

“Only the spiritually motivated can guide your civilization or a remnant of it through the difficult days ahead,” was the message given to him, he said.

Aho is nothing if not serious. He has personally lobbied all members of the US Senate and Congress. Some, he claims, have confessed that they, too, have, seen UFOs.

Friday night’s audience of 300 listened silently, even through long pauses while Aho seemed to be collecting his thoughts.

Some took advantage of these silences to leave quietly, but the majority stayed.


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