Two More ‘Sightings’ Add To UFO Mystery

The Edmonton Journal
Wednesday, May 17, 1967

Two city residents report they saw unusual objects in the sky Tuesday night.

Jack Strangman, 29, of 10741 151st St., said today he viewed a “whitish, oval-shaped” object through binoculars over Mount Pleasant Cemetery.

The cemetery was the scene of a reported flying saucer sighting 10 days ago.

Mr. Strangman, a school janitor, said he read news accounts of the sightings and “just for the heck of it” decided to have a look for himself.

Norman Fibke, 10130 90th St., said today he was working in his backyard when he saw an “egg-shaped” object with “two red lights” at each end.

Mr. Fibke said the object he saw at 9:20 p.m. was “really bright,” about “the height of a plane,” and disappeared over Alex Taylor School, 9321 Jasper Ave.

Mr. Strangman said he was positive the object he viewed about 11:30 p.m. “wasn’t a plane.”

Stationary at first, it “came straight down” at a “terrific rate of speed,” then moved rapidly westward and disappeared.

He said he plans to have another look tonight.


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