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An unidentified flying object (top) was photographed by former Willingdon resident Harold Pawluk, 28, now living in Los Angeles. His sister Lorraine saw the UFO Feb. 9. and he took the shot from their apartment window. They sent the photo to their cousin Marilynn Kansky, 20, of 9347 73rd Ave. Photo below — shows a similar UFO shot taken in January near Detroit, Mich.

Boom: Flying Object Sightings Up

The Edmonton Journal
Tuesday, February 15, 1967

DAYTON, Ohio (AP) — Reports of unidentified flying objects boomed last year, reports Maj. Hector Quintanilla, director of Project Blue Book at Wright - Patterson Air Force Base.

A total of 1,060 sightings were submitted to the air force during 1966, second highest total since Blue Book began keeping tabs 2 years ago. The annual average is 555; the record is 1,501 in 1952.

Of the 11,107 sightings since 1947, Quintanilla says, just 676 remain in the unidentified category. Only 30 of those checked out last year haven’t been explained satisfactorily.

Another 424 sightings are listed as having insufficient data for identification.

The rest were identified as astronomical objects, aircraft, balloons, satellites and other natural or manmade items such as missiles, rockets, fireworks, clouds, birds, swamp gas, sparks, and a lighthouse.


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