Shy UFO Shows Up Again

The Edmonton Journal
Wednesday, May 10, 1967

Edmonton’s shy UFO showed up again Tuesday night.

It was seen by a middle-aged couple living in the same area as Ricky Banyard, 14, who claims he watched an unidentified flying object for four hours Sunday morning around Mount Pleasant cemetery.

A description given by the couple Tuesday night fitted that given earlier by Ricky.

“Don’t use my name,” the woman said. “People will be calling me and accusing me of being a kook.”

The couple said the object had red and blue flashing lights on its edges and a bright white light coming down from underneath. It seemed to be only about two blocks away and some 500 feet high.

When the woman called The Journal, the object moved away towards the west. Five minutes later it reappeared, she said, but vanished again while a second call to The Journal was being placed.

A Journal cameraman on the spot kept watch for some time, but the UFO wouldn’t come back to have its picture taken.

Other city residents have called The Journal since Monday, corroborating Ricky Banyard’s story.

But Tuesday night, neither the weather office nor Air Traffic Control could give any information on the UFO, and nothing unusual had been noticed on radar.


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