Brian Vike's Report #2

 Three Houston Witnesses see Object!

Reported August 13, 2002

Houston, Quick, Telkwa & Smithers - British Columbia

Date: July 29, 2002
Time: approximately 10:30 - 10:45 p.m.

On July 29, 2002 three Houston residents watched an object fly across night sky. (Investigators Note: Actually this worked out rather funny, as I had already heard about the sighting in Houston before I was contacted by Nicole, reporter for the Smithers Interior newspaper. I put it off as a meteor myself at the time, and to be honest did not give it another thought. I wasn't given much for information about what the fellows had seen, just a quick note to say, "I seen a bright meteor the other night". When I received a call from Nicole Fitzgerald asking if I had received any reports for July 29, 2002, I started thinking about what a witness had mentioned to me about his "meteor" sighting.)

Location information - Houston British Columbia (my home) sits in the Bulkley Valley surrounded by mountains. To the west there is the Telkwa Mountain range, and south Morice Mountain and Mount Harry Davis to the north. It is a small town with a population of 2500 to 2600 people living within. We sit at an elevation of 587 meters. Employment opportunities in the area are with forestry, mining and tourism. Houston offers some of the best Steelhead fishing in the world. The area is covered by clean fresh lakes & rivers to fish from, hiking, camping, skiing etc... are great pastimes in the area. Houston boosts having the world's largest Fly Rod, which indeed it is, at a length of 60 feet (1829.8 cm) and weighing approximately 800 pounds. The reel has a diameter of 36 inches, while the fly at the end of the line is some 21 inches long. Want to go fishing ? -:))) (couldn't help myself) !

I caught up with the Houston resident and asked him more questions about what it was "he" saw. To my surprise he told me that he wasn't the only one who saw the "meteor"? The witness said there were two other people with him at the time (co-workers). The gentleman told me they were at their place of employment, which is Canfor Sawmill - Houston Division, a large very productive operation. I asked what time did they see this object (meteor?) and I was told at approximately 10:20 p.m., but it could have been a little later he said. From what I was told, no one thought to look at their watches mainly due to them thinking what they were seeing was just a meteor, as spectacular as it was.

The Houston witness who first brought this to my attention said he was the first to notice what he and everyone else thought was a meteor. He looked up as a very bright white/yellowish colored, almost phosphorescent round object moved slowly through the night's sky. As the meteor (object) gained momentum it grew a short tail. This fellow was so amazed, surprised at the size and brightness of this thing, that he called to other co-workers. One was up sitting in a large forklift, while the other was close by. The point I would like to make is, the driver of the forklift had to open the door, and climb down from the machine to stand with the others fellows who were all watching this object. This took a few seconds. The total length of time the Canfor employees watched the object was close to 30 seconds and according to the fellows, dropping in altitude heading towards Tweedsmuir Park in a southwesterly direction.

(Investigators Note: When I looked into the "major" sighting which took place this year on February 1, 2002 when three married ladies on their way home to Houston, B.C. from a shopping trip in Smithers watched a "Giant" , well lit craft descend from the cloud cover to approximately 300 feet above tree top level and pass right over their car. This also took place in Telkwa, British Columbia. While I was looking for any information, trying to put the parts together over this sighting I found out that just a little south east of the bottom tip of "Tweedsmuir Park" there is a military testing ground at Anahim Lake which is used for low and high level flight testing. So when "Tweedsmuir Park" was mentioned again I started wondering if there could be a connection between the February 1, 2002 sighting and this sighting of July 29, 2002. I completely stumbled on to finding out that military exercises were taking place (early February) due to a flight I was on heading to Vancouver, B.C. for my dad's 80th birthday, which was on February 6, 2002. The pilot of the Dash 8 aircraft came over the intercom system announcing that the aircraft was to make a slight detour in his flight plan due to military exercises taking place. My question is, would our government in joint connection with the U.S. government be holding secret tests that the public are not aware of ? Or is there "something" using this flight path, (meaning here in the pacific northwest). This of course I have no answers to.

Was the military in our area looking for something?

After I started investigating, and talking with the witnesses, I started to hear rumors of military vehicles scouring the back roads in the Telkwa area. I was surprised to hear this news. I thought that maybe one or two people had seen someone's personal truck all painted up in military colors, as there is one around Houston. Well it turns out that there was a good number of folks who told me they seen military vehicles traveling towards Smithers from the Houston area on highway #16. The military vehicles were not all traveling together as in a convoy, but rather spread out along the highway. Now how many of these vehicles there were, I have no idea. Another report came from residents in Telkwa, a husband and wife were driving along the Telkwa High Road when they came across a large military truck, they had to pull way off the road to let this vehicle pass by. Reports from the Smithers area came in as well, so people were seeing them. I had stopped into the RCMP detachment to request information over the July 29, 2002 sighting. I also asked when I was there if he knew, or heard of any military exercises taking place around the areas. The officer said he was not aware of anything going on, but went on to say he has a friend, a Captain in the Rangers and they were planning an exercise for around the end of this month (August). These exercises would be taking place in the Stewart, British Columbia area, which is a long way from us here. The constable also said none of the other RCMP officers mentioned seeing anything like I asked about in the area.

Aircraft activity in the skies - Up ?

There is no doubt in my mind that something was going on, all a person would have to do was to watch the local mountains for helicopters flying low back and forth. Small aircraft also went back and forth over the local mountains here around the Houston area. Even at night time, (which is very strange) as friends telephoned me to say, look out your window and sure enough, a small plane was over top of Mount Harry Davis traveling in a straight line, or it looked as if the plane was, then to turn around and fly back again, the aircraft kept repeating this over and over until it left in a westerly direction. It returned approx: 20 minutes later repeating itself. Even a Hercules transport showed up at the Smithers airport. I talked with the tower about this, and I was told by them that this aircraft was being used to fly supplies into a mining camp, in which they do. I just had to wonder when I heard that a Hercules transport landed in Smithers at the same time all this was taking place.

Investigators Note: I have lived in the area for a little over 20 years. We see a lot of helicopters flying low at times over the mountains. They carry either forestry, mining, fish and wildlife people doing their jobs. But over three days or so no one has ever seen so much aircraft activity as there had been. As I mentioned above, a lot of people were discussing it as it was out of place for the area. Matter of fact, I heard three large fixed wing aircraft fly overhead. The problem was it was rather overcast. But one did drop down and through the cloud cover and went out of sight very quickly behind Mount Harry Davis. I walked in and picked up the telephone and called the Smithers airport tower and asked if there was any air traffic over Houston, and area. "I was told no"! So I have to ask, what did I see ? Clouds !

My visit to the RCMP detachment in Smithers B.C.

After I did an interview with the witness and I went to Smithers, I stopped into the Smithers RCMP detachment to enquire about the sighting report which was reported to them. I started to introduce myself, but the gal behind the counter beat me to it. She said "Oh your Brian". I laughed to myself. Mind you I wore my jacket with my logo on it, so I guess it wasn't hard to figure this out. I asked if it was possible to get the information from the RCMP's report that was made by Mr. Gordon Stewart. She asked me to wait while she went to talk with an officer, who came right out and I discussed with him what it was I was after. I told him I had already interviewed Mr. Stewart and had all the details, but wanted to check in with the RCMP to see if they may have had anything else to add. The constable went and grabbed the report, "but keeping the form away from my eyes", which is policy. He read over non personal information and had no more to add to the case.

Is this reported sighting from Smithers, British Columbia a possible connection to the military?

I posted a sighting report for July 28 - 31, 2002 where three witnesses watched a strange sight indeed. They reported what they saw to the Smithers Interior Newspaper which in turn passed the information along to me. Below I am re-posting the report with some comments made by myself.

Smithers, British Columbia, Canada

Date: approx: July 28 - 31, 2002
Time: Between 10:00 & 11:00 a.m.
Daylight sighting:
(From the sounds of things, this sighting took place close to the July 29, 2002 sighting in Telkwa, Houston, Quick and Smithers, British Columbia. I hope to have the exact date from the third witness.)

There are three witnesses to this sighting in Smithers, B.C.. I have talked to two of the folks who watched the object, and waiting to hear from the third, and will update when I do. The first report below is from witness number #1:

I talked with a gentleman today, August 10, 2002 about a sighting which was reported to me and the Smithers Interior Newspaper. I asked of course what it was he had witnessed. This fellow is a logging contractor in the area and seems to be a very truthful man. He actually was very surprised and for the life of him, still can't figure out what it was he saw.

His description of the object: He said it looked like an oak barrel in shape and made of metal, he guessed the object was approx: 15 feet in height and 10 feet across. From his vantage point (approx: 2000 feet away - altitude). He said there were two projections sticking out from the center of the object, approx: three feet apart and darker in color away from the main body of the craft.

The fellow said it had quite a remarkable speed to it, in his estimation the craft was cruising at approx: 300 kilometers which was faster than the small aircraft they see in the area. Also he said there was no sound from the object and it did pass right overhead of him. It flew alongside the Smithers airport heading in a southwesterly direction. He described the object as being metallic in color. And again said it was darker in the middle and rotating in the center.

Witness #2

A friend called the witness outside to look at something as she was very excited. The witness said she did not see it right away. She explained that she looked and looked around in the area where her friend was pointing, and went on to say it was like she had to get her eyes focused to see it. The object was at the right of the airport flying in a southwesterly direction. She said the object was definitely round in shape and silver (metallic) in color. While they were watching this object, it up and disappeared instantly. I asked approximately what the size of the object may have been. She said it would have been close to the size of a normal wall clock at a approximate distance of a kilometer and a half away.

I asked her the date the event took place, she said her friend (deleted by HBCC UFO) would know for sure. But she guesses it would have been around two weeks ago. (Investigators Note: If the time frame is correct, then the object they saw would have been right around the same time (July 29, 2002) in which 9 witnesses, in different locations, watched a HUGE glowing object fly down the valley. She also said there no sound coming from the object.


I telephoned the witness again and asked some questions to clarify a couple of things I wanted answers for. Because of all the air traffic which was around the area, and the description which was given to me by the witnesses, I wondered if this object might have something to do with the military. I had others mention this same idea to me. From the witnesses' description, a barrel-shaped object with two projections sticking out from the center of the object, would these possibly be propellers which were turning in the center of this object? If so, could this then be a military reconnaissance drone? These are some of the questions in which I would like to know. After discussing the idea with the witness, of the object being possibly a military craft, he said it might just be. This fellow never thought what they all saw was anything out of this world, but something from here on earth.

From what all of the witnesses have told me, they figured that what they saw was going to crash into the ground, although no one had seen this take place.

In the next report I will be talking to the two witnesses from Quick, British Columbia. I spent a little over two hours chatting with both witnesses, a retired school teacher and her son, a Civil Engineer. Also her husband was there, a geologist for the government.

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