Brian Vike's Report #3

Two more Witnesses from Quick, BC

Reported August 11, 2002

Reports Continued

What I am doing is writing the reports and sending them out as I go along. Below is the third report from two witnesses from Quick, British Columbia over the July 29, 2002 sighting.

Houston, Quick, Telkwa & Smithers - British Columbia.

Report For Quick, British Columbia

Quick, B.C.
Date: July 29, 2002
Time: approx: 10:50 p.m.

Location Information: Quick is a very small farming community which sits between Houston and Smithers British Columbia. It is nestled in the Bulkley Valley with mountain ranges running all around.

Today, August 10, 2002 I left my home to interview the next set of witnesses. The drive was going to take some 40 minutes, so I stopped at the service station and gassed up and left Houston at 2:00 p.m. heading west for Quick. I finally arrived and turned off highway #16 onto the Quick East Road and drove along until I came to the witnesses home. I was greeted by both the wife and husband, and met their son a bit later. We walked along a beautiful stone path which led to a large patio where we sat to discuss what it was they saw.

The two witnesses who had the sighting were Mrs. (wife) and her son (deleted). The Mom is a retired school teacher and her son works as a Civil Engineer. Two very creditable witness, also very pleasant people. What I am going to do here is to name Mrs. or the wife witness number #1 and her son witness number #2. It will help me so I do not goof myself up.

Witness #1 went inside her home and came out with a journal she has been keeping for years. She writes down events which are important to her and this one event that took place on July 29, 2002 was one she will never forget.

Investigators Note: I also have photos of the area where the object was seen shooting across the sky which I will post to my website once I get the film developed.

Their farm sits at an elevation of 530 meters and has a wide open view of the Telkwa Mountain Range and Chicken Mountain which sits slightly lower and in front of the range. The weather conditions were perfect as the sky was clear. The sun had already set in the west and Mom (witness) was going to meet her son who was over near their greenhouse. She walked up the driveway and turned onto a small dirt path holding her flash light watching the ground to see where she was walking. This lead to a wide opening in the field where the greenhouse was situated. Just as she reached this opening, she heard her son give out a loud yell. She immediately looked up and went to shine her light towards her son when she saw, a HUGE, bright, glowing white/yellowish, almost oval in shape object flying across the sky at a very low level. She said to me, "I couldn't move, I was in shock". I asked her about the shape of this object, as everyone else who reported to me said it was round. She said in her opinion the object was not quite round, but just off, meaning it was "slightly" oval (even walnut in shape). Or another thing she said, it would be like if you took a round circle and started to stretch it out.

The color has remained the same from all witnesses who reported the object. I asked witness #1 for an approximate size for this bright light. Mom (witness) struggled with this as she did not want to give any wrong information. Her final conclusion as to the size would be, at arm's length it was the size of her finger nail, but not across, it would have been length ways.

I asked where exactly it was seen. I wanted to know if it was below the horizon of the Telkwa Range. I was trying to get an idea for distance from the witnesses. Again she was not sure. You have to remember by the time the sighting took place it was already dark, and it is hard to see landmarks which would help determine exactly where the object would have been in relation to them and the distant mountains.

I looked around, and since I knew the path the object took, I thought I would try this. In the direction they lost sight of this object, there are three sets of trees. One group of large trees sat behind their greenhouse which sat on a ledge. Behind this group of trees there is a drop off, across from here it rises up again in elevation with another grouping of trees which rose above the set behind the greenhouse. Another grouping of timber sat higher up again. So I asked when she lost sighting of "it", what grouping of trees did the object fall behind? She said the last set for sure. Now I asked, approximately how high above the last grouping of trees was the object. Mom (witness) said it was "just" above the timber, but as they were losing sight of it, the object would have been just a "hair' below the tops of the trees.

Now this gave me something to work with. The last stand of timber sits rather high up at a good distance from where they were standing, approximately 1/2 mile away (maybe more), "but", this stand of timber is below the horizon of Chicken Mountain. So this object shot down the valley at approximately 1 1/2 miles away from them. It was also heading in a southwesterly direction at a quick pace, but slow enough as where the object took 5 to 6 seconds to cross their line of sight. Investigator Note: She did not see it right away, her son noticed it first and gave out a yell. She looked up and spotted it right away because of the intense brightness and size. My point is, 5 to 6 seconds is a fair bit of time when they had a short space to see the object due to trees blocking their view. Being so close to it, I asked what kind of sound did it make, they both said, none at all. "There was no noise coming from it". It also was on a slight angle they told me, but very slight. (This makes me wonder if it did hit the ground, as it was certainly very low at this point, if so where? Also this gives a lot of weight to folks in the area seeing the military vehicles and a lot of air traffic overhead).

Witness #1 said she waited around for a little while with her son watching the sky just in case something else went by, but nothing did so she went into the house and started calling around to authorities. She called the Smithers Airport who were no help to her, they knew nothing. She called the Vancouver International Airport, they knew nothing. She even called back east to Ottawa and talked with someone in an environment position, but I am sure they wouldn't know anything anyway. So in the morning witness #1 called the Smithers Interior newspaper to inform them of what she saw.

Witness #2 - Son. This is a brief description that he gave to me. I am just going to summarize his statement as a lot of the same information is above in this report. It was very large, bright and lasted far longer than any meteor shower. Faster than a man-made object, but slower than a meteorite. There was "no" sound! It was below the horizon and moved away from until we lost sight of it behind the trees. A slight trajectory towards earth.

I spent a little over two hours with this friendly family and enjoyed this visit very much. What I found really nice about talking with them. We talked about the large fossil find, as they had a bunch of wonderful samples spread across a table outside. Of course I am interested in this as well. I can say this, our area holds a lot of treasures, and this one is a major find as the fossils cover a very large area, you can bend down and walk slowly along and fill a bucket. Everything is in perfect form. It was like I was standing at the beach and grabbing perfect clams. There are so many different types of marine life it isn't funny, so I wonder what other specimens the land holds. There is a good write up on this in one of the rock hound magazines.

One more report to come, it is a shorter version as it was a telephone interview. Then a final wrap up on the whole case as it sits for now. I know there is more to do on this, so I will be still making calls, and hoping others come forward if they did indeed see this object.

Take good care

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I talked with a colleague today at UFO*BC - and was told they received a sighting report through their Hotline from Prince Rupert, British Columbia and there also was a lot of action that way. Prince Rupert, B.C. is about a five hour drive west of me. So things still popping up in the north.

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