Investigation of June 14, 2004 UFO Photographs, Richmond (Steveson), BC

By Martin Jasek, UFOBC

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Analysis of the images

Table 1 shows a list of photo#'s and Data/Time stamp that were available for analysis. Some photos of the sequence are missing. Since these photos were taken almost 5 years ago, the witness only kept the best ones on his computer, the others have been archived and will be made available at a later date for analysis if needed.

Photo #



14-Jun-2004 15:31:14


14-Jun-2004 15:32:48


14-Jun-2004 15:32:58


14-Jun-2004 15:33:11


14-Jun-2004 15:33:18


14-Jun-2004 15:33:50


14-Jun-2004 15:33:58


14-Jun-2004 15:42:23

Table 1. List of photos and time stamps.

These photos cover 11 minutes and 9 seconds of time, so they cover just over half of the 20 minutes that the witness states that he took photos. The object is by far the clearest in photo #11 and less clear and similar in size and clarity in photos #17 to 22 and 25.(See figure 2 and 3).

Figure 2. Cropped and 8 X magnified photo #11.

Figure 3. Cropped and 8 X magnified photo #17.


Figure 4. Location of UFO in photos # 11, 17 to 22 and 25.

Since the photos were taken in a westerly direction, from the flags in Figure 4 it is evident that the wind is approximately from the south or southwest, yet the object maintains its position counteractive to the wind.

It is useful to determine what lies beyond the buildings and ships in the foreground in order to determine what the object could be flying over (Figure 5).  West of this image lies the Georgia Strait, which is more than 30 km wide in the direction of the UFO sighting. On the west side of Georgia Strait lies Vancouver Island.

Figure 5. Google Earth image of Steveson UFO location. The red lines indicate the angular span for which the UFO was observed while photos # 11, 17 to 22 and 25 were taken.

Of interest in Figure 5 is the peninsula in the west portion of the image. This area has a large field surrounded by a walkway and is frequented by tourists and locals. Of particular note is that it is a popular location to fly kites.

If the UFO was flying over this region, it is possible to project its angular size in the images out to this area and obtain its theoretical size if indeed it was over this location. The peninsula is 650 to 1100 metre away from the location that the photograph was taken. The calculated theoretical size of the UFO corresponds to 0.9 to 1.6 metres ( 3 to 5.5 ft) respectively .

It is quite possible that the object photographed was a tethered balloon or a kite as it remained more or less stationary with respect to the wind and was consistent in size if indeed it was over the popular kite flying area. However, there still exists the possibility that the object was much further away and then it would have been much larger and a conventional explanation would be more difficult.

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