Visitors From Above

by Tom Zytaruk, Vancouver Sun

Rosa and John Waidner were driving to a bingo game when they saw something that would rouse their imaginations and rock their lives.

Traveling north on King George Highway, near Bear Creek Park, the couple saw a sparkling blue light to the west. It was shortly after supper time Oct. 31, 1974. Rosa, now in her 70s, swears it was a UFO. She remembers John slowing their station wagon to 25 mph while she struggled for a better look.

Zigzagging, sometimes at 90-degrees, the 30-foot-long object followed the Waidners for a mile, dipping below the tree line. At one point it hung motionless about 200 feet from the ground.

Though it was Halloween night, Rosa is certain what she saw was not fireworks. "You could not mistake it for anything else," she insists. "They flew very low, flew between the trees. I saw window frames. I would swear to it in court. "It knocks you down and out," she said of her experience. "I couldn't think of anything else for weeks."

The Waidners' sighting came 14 days after David Knutson photographed a strange object in the sky above his Whalley home. Knutson and the Waidners are not alone. Last year BC logged 51 per cent of all Canadian UFO sightings. And if Harrison is the Bigfoot capital of the world, Surrey may well be the UFO sighting capital of Canada.

Addendum (April 1996) - by Graham Conway

Since this particular incident we have become acutely aware that many similar events have taken place, and continue to take place in close proximity to Hydro transmission lines. Particularly, it seems of the high tension variety that are seen crossing the landscape, locally and nationally.

It is also worth mentioning that many abduction events take place in such locations, as well as "bedroom intrusions". Wherever it seems, residential areas border onto the Hydro right of way.

A search also uncovered reports of crop circles that have been discovered in these previously described "windows", if indeed they are. Many investigators acknowledge that any energy producing area/power station, nuclear plant, dam, mine, etc., will display a record of anomalous sightings and incidents over an extended period.

Furthermore, we have culled from English language publications 84 such power line cases, reported from Canada, Britain, the US, France and Brazil. No doubt, others exist. Probably the first recorded incident was the series of events that took place on Sept. 3rd, 1965 at Exeter, New Hampshire, in the United States. This historic sighting resulted in a book being written by John Fuller, entitled "Incident at Exeter", (Pub. G. P. Putnam & Sons).

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