Fern Belzil - Cattle Mutilation Investigator

St. Paul, Alberta, Canada

"My Mom & Dad & I started in the purebred registered Hereford cattle in the early fifties. A few years later, my wife Doris, and our two boys Doug & Ron, bought the ranch from my parents."

"We were fortunate enough, through very thorough strict pedigree and quality control, to be able to succeed, winning championships at major bull sales like Calgary, Edmonton, Toronto, Regina, San Francisco and North Battleford, to name a few. I also did some Judging in major shows like Montreal & Quebec City Class A & B fairs, many 4H shows."

"Knowing the cattle business I believe has been a very big plus for me and hopefully gives me the respect of the breeders. I do these investigations with integrity and honesty. We are making new findings that are indeed worth looking at. I will be releasing new developments as they occur."

Fern Belzil

Mutilation Lecture and Slide Presentation

If you would be interested in having Fern Belzil give a slide presentation and report on the many unexplained cattle mutilations that he has investigated, please contact him using the information given below.

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Cattle Mutilation Reports


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