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So you're interested in alien contact.

Perhaps you seen enough evidence on crop circles to know there is no "normal" explanation for most of them.

Perhaps you've seen strange objects in the sky behaving like no "normal" aircraft could behave.

Perhaps you're having weird dreams or nightmares that seem to be putting you in contact with weird or powerful dream world "entities" of some sort.

Perhaps you've been thinking in totally novel and powerful new ways.

Perhaps you're just curious and want to know, "could it be true"?

Well, according to Mary Rodwell, it is true. This planet, our earth, is currently going through a first contact mission where we (and by we I mean everyone on this planet) are gradually being awakened to a deeply multidimensional and spiritually meaningful new reality. We are undergoing a "shift" of consciousness and an "introduction" to the complexity of creation. It is a glorious time where we all remember our divinity and our true power in creation.


But scarry to because the new reality that we are opening our eyes to is deeper, wider, more complex, more mystical, and more stunning than the reality that we have lived in for so long. It is bigger and more manificent than anything we thought possible and this can be scarry. In fact, for many of us, even the possibilities of the new reality are frightening and so we shrink away from contact.

But it doesn't have to be this way.

We don't have to fear.

We don't have to shrink away.

We can stand and embrace.

We can stand and welcome!


In fact, we should stand and welcome!

We should embrace these experiences as expressions of our own expanding consciousness and sensitivity. This is not something that "they" are doing to us. This is something that we are doing to ourselves. It is our spiritual opening and awakening that is making possible this growing interdimensional contact. It may sound crazy, but its true and more and more people are having these experiences.

If you want confirmation or guidance, Mary Rodwell's book Awakening can help. Rodwell, who is a registered R.N. and counsellor, has collected close to one-thousand contact cases and she shares some of the more profound and uplifting stories with you in her book. She can help! As she herself says, it is only our lack of understanding that makes us fearful of these events. All we need is a little guidance and then we can see for ourselves what a wonderous and joyfilled experience this multidimensional awakening really is!

So, if you believe you are having contact experiences, or if you are interested in learning more about this growing global phenomenon, read Mary Rodwell's Awakening and start learning about the glorious unfolding that is just around our spiritual corner.

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Free eBooks

Avatar Publications offers the following eBooks by Michael Sharp for free. Michael Sharp is an internationally renowned mystic and metaphysician and in these books he shares with you his remarkable insight and ability to teach even the most difficult spiritual concepts in a grounded and down to earth fashion. Start at his website ( where there are articles and poetry or begin by reading his epic creation story or The Song of Creation or his newest book, The Book of Light free! Just download the PDFs to your computer by right clicking on these links (and please, feel free to share these). Whether you are a seasoned spiritual seeker or a newbie on the path, you won't be dissapointed.

The Song of Creation | The Book of Light
About the Author

Mary Rodwell RN, midwife, counsellor, hypnotherapist, and metaphysician...

She is co-founder and Principal of ACERN (Australian Close Encounter Resource Network) which supports individuals and families with encounter experiences. Her research embraces both the physical and metaphysical implications of contact and demonstrates the similarities between Contact experience and modern day shamanic journeys. She is a fascinating example of the new, spiritually sophisticated, scientist/practitioner.



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